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Friday, November 5, 2010

No. I'm not jealous at all.

Number 35 (click on it to read) on my Bucket List is Attend a UGA game. It's not a high priority bucket list item, but it IS something that I would like to do someday. WELL.... Ashley (Dtr. #1) got to go a few weeks ago and now..... **sigh** ..... David (Hubby) gets to go. Ashley was invited by a friend who was given tickets and now David was invited by a friend (not the same friend) that was given tickets, as well.

I guess it's not my time yet. Maybe, someday, a friend of mine will be given tickets to a game and invite me to go. Meanwhile, all I can say is..... GO DAWGS!!!

No. Really. I hope David has a great time at the game and it is the experience that he is hoping for.

Number 21 & Number 37 are two other things on my Bucket List. They have to do with going to Nashville. My friend, Valerie, gets to go to the CMA (Country Music Association) awards this coming Wednesday night.

Again.... I am not jealous at all.

It is just something that I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to do!!!!! I love country music and I love Nashville. She is a lucky girl to be going to that award show!! I hope that she has the time of her life!


  1. You're not jealous at all then, Becky?!! Let's hope that you get to go to both events before too long! I love country music too, and was thrilled to see Tammy Wynette in my home town many years ago. She was brilliant!

  2. OH wow!! Tammy Wynette! That is pretty awesome!

  3. Nooo, you don't sound jealous to me either! Is it true "good things come to those who wait?" Not really-you gotta jump on it. But time is on your side and the good thing will pop up when you least expect!

  4. Thanks, Susan. I know that my time will come. :)



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