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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Days 28, 29 & 30

YES... I missed a couple of days! (I"ve been just a little busy!)

This post is going to be short & sweet, because I have other things on my mind this morning.

On Day 28, I was thankful that... (This is going to sound really stupid to those of you that are not football fanatics, like I am! But, bare with me, please!)... The Atlanta Falcons won their game against the Green Bay Packers!!! If you are one of my regular readers, then you know that I am a HUGE football fan and my favorite team is the Atlanta Falcons.

During football season, you will always find me in front of my TV on Sunday afternoons, watching MY TEAM play. The Falcons are doing extremely well this year, only losing 2 games, so far. They are in 2nd place in the NFL and 1st in the NFC!! That is BIG TIME!!!!

On Day 29, (Yesterday), I was so VERY thankful to my friend, Heather, for coming to visit my mom and being able to stay with her while I had to leave for a couple of hours. I know for a fact, that God sent her to me!!! He knew that I needed her, and there she was!

Today, (Day 30).... I am VERY thankful that the heart catherization that the doctor did on my mom yesterday, showed NO SIGNS OF BLOCKAGE!! Wow!! That was a surprise! I was really expecting them to find something and then we would have more decisions to make and possibly a longer hospital stay. This was GREAT news tho, because she "should" get to go back to the nursing home TODAY! ---- Which was another concern!! But, God came thru again and should be no worries of her losing her room over there!! YAY!!

MANY THANKS to those of you that prayed for her (and me!!!) and wrote such kind and sweet words. That means SO VERY much to me and I definitely count you among my FRIENDS!

Sending ((BIG HUGS)) to all of you!!!!


  1. Hi Becky. So pleased to hear that things seem to be working out well with your mum, and, also, the Nursing Home. YAY!!!
    I follow football as well, although my team are not doing so well this season :(
    Big hug right back to you!

  2. Thank you, although... she didn't get released from the hospital today :( She still has fluid on her lungs and the doctor felt like she needed to stay another night. The nursing home director is being very gracious, but I'm not sure how much longer she WILL be! But... God knows what she needs and what is best. I am trying to have faith that it will all work out.

    What Football team do you follow??



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