This blog is basically just a collection of my "random thoughts". I must warn you, though. I have been told that "I write like I talk", so if you don't understand what you are reading... chances are, if you met me... I wouldn't make much sense to you! Feel free to comment if you care to. Or not. I'm good either way!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Goodies

I wasn't expecting to get any gifts at school yesterday, but came home with these adorable gifts! ~ Thanks, kids! (and mommies!)

One of the mommies in our class made these ADORABLE Witch's Broom cookies!! They were so YUMMY!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Miss Halloween - part 2

Other things that I miss about Halloween are ---

Going to Haunted Houses ~ That is something that I ALWAYS did as a teenager! We would get a group together, either from church or from school, and find at least one to go to! Of course, these weren't real haunted houses. They were usually set up and ran by the local Jaycee's of the area's that I lived in around Atlanta.

One of the most memorable ones that I went to as a teen, was actually IN a house that I really "thought" was haunted when I was a child! It's an interesting story. I lived most of my childhood years (3-12) in Clarkston, GA. I went to Indian Creek Elementary School. I lived very close to the school and back then, my parents would let me and a friend, walk about a half mile (...or maybe it was a mile. I'm not good with distances!) down the road that the school was on, to go to the 7-11 for candy, a Frosty, or ice cream. We would always start out walking on the side of the road that the school was on, but just a few houses down from the school was this old abandoned house. Before we got to this "haunted house" (.... because we just KNEW it was haunted!), we would cross the street and continue our journey to the store from there.

Later, while I was in high school, we moved to Stone Mountain, GA.  (There was another move in there, too, but it isn't important for this story!) One Halloween... (I think I was in 11th grade)... some friends wanted to go to, of course, a "haunted house". There were 4 of us that went. My friend, Carole. Her brother, Duane and our friend Timmy. I had no idea where the house was located and didn't really care! Duane drove us there and as we got close to the area, I got excited because it was the area where I grew up! Then.... I realized that we were actually going to THE REAL HAUNTED HOUSE!!!!!!  (... because I just KNEW it was haunted. Remember?)  It was the one from my childhood!!! HOW COOL WAS THAT???!!!!

We stood in line for a bit in order to get in. They were only letting small groups go in at a time. While we waited, we plotted as to WHO was going to go first. Carole and Timmy were the most freaked out. I was too, but I loved the thrill of it all! Duane remained his "cool" self. We decided that Duane would go first, then Carol, then me, and then Timmy. Timmy wasn't too thrilled with this plan, but he agreed.

As we entered the house, they told us to stick close together so that we wouldn't get lost! YIKES! Now... I'm freaking out FOR REAL! As we entered, it was the darkest of dark that I have EVER experienced!! I could tell that we were in a very skinny hallway (...or tunnel. I wasn't sure.). Carol is holding on to Duane. I'm holding on to Carole. Timmy was holding on to me.... or so I thought!! They told us to keep moving foward. This is kind of difficult when you can't see ANYTHING! We finally made it to a door that entered into another, very dark room and Timmy was now in front of Duane!!! THIS totally freaked me out!! How did he get from the back to the front in that tiny little hallway, while he was supposed to be holding on to me!!!!!!

This "haunted house" ended up being the scariest one that I have EVER been to!! We went from room to room, with each room getting more and more scary! The last one was the most scary!!! They shoved us into a room that had PADDED WALLS and the only person in there was a girl that was "cowering" in a corner. She eventually began to speak to us and it was so FREAKY!! She played her part VERY well!!

This was an experience that I will NEVER forget!

What about you? Do you go to haunted houses as a teen?? Do you still enjoy them?? What are some of your experiences?

Monday, October 25, 2010

I Miss Halloween

I know that Halloween is still around, but it's just not the same any more now that my girls are in college and no longer "little". I miss it!

I even miss being a kid and teen myself at this time of year. It was so much fun!

When I think of Halloween, I think of -----

Trick-or-Treating - When our family lived in Atlanta, Hubby and I would take turns taking the girls Trick-or-Treating around the neighborhood while the other one stayed home and gave out the candy. I always wanted to be the one that went with our girls because I didn't want to miss out on their fun! We lived in a fairly large neighborhood that was FULL of kids! The houses were close together and we knew a lot the people in the neighborhood -- unlike where we live now! Kids were EVERYWHERE on Halloween night, all dressed up in their cute little costumes.

When we moved south, out of Atlanta, our girls were 6 & 10. They were both still VERY MUCH into Trick-or-Treating! Unfortunately, our new neighborhood was not very conducive to this favorite Halloween activity. The houses in our neighborhood are spread apart by 2-3 acre home lots, making Trick-or-Treating not so easy! We had to rely on friends that lived in more populated neighborhoods, which worked out fine.

My girls continued to Trick-or-Treat on thru their High School years. "Weren't they a bit too old?"... You say?  No. They got around it by participating in our church youth group's "Trick-or-Treating For Can Goods" fundraiser. They would take donations of can goods and give them to our local homeless shelter, and if they happened to get some candy along the way... all the more fun! They still got to dress up, which they loved! They both came up with some wonderful costumes throughout the years, all on their own! Here a few examples ---

Dtr. #2 as Peter Pan (right) and friends - Wendy & Peter Pan's Shadow

Dtr. #2 as Judy Jetson & friend as Rosie

Friend as Wilma Flintstone & Dtr. #2 as Betty Rubble

Dtr. #1 as Snow White -- (She worked for Party City at the time and had to where one of their costumes!)

Dtr. #2 as "Something Scary" and Dtr. #1 as Tigger

I'll write more later and add to my list of "Halloween Favorites".

Friday, October 22, 2010

A Camping We Will Go

Yep! I'm happy to say that we are camping this weekend!! YAY!!!!

I am anxious to get away, even if it is just for a couple of days. The weather is PERFECT right now for it! Hope you all out there in "blogland" have a wonderful weekend! I'll be back in a couple of days!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rollercoasters & Paths

I love analogies. I love it when someone uses one to help them explain something. It helps me to better understand. Sometimes I make them up myself, just to help ME understand things better.

Right now... I am thinking about my LIFE. One day, everything is wonderful and great. The next day, it feels like everything is falling apart.

As I was writing in my journal, I began to think of these analogies ----

My life is like a roller coaster. It goes VERY fast! I like to go fast. I like the thrill and the adrenalin rush that it brings. But, sometimes, I wish... as I went over those high parts.... the coaster would slow down so that I could "take it all in" and "enjoy the moment". -- When you ARE on a roller coaster, you are going so fast... that you don't have time to "look around" at the scenery below! -- Before I know it, the ride is over, and I want to do is... get back on! -- I think, in life... this would be the times when I wished I could go back and relive a part of my life. Maybe do it different. Or, maybe just enjoy it all over again.

All roller coasters go UP and DOWN. The high parts can be scary, but they are also the best part of the roller coaster! At the bottom, some roller coasters go thru tunnels. Sometimes, they are long tunnels -- These represent the tough times that I go thru. -- Sometimes, they are short tunnels. The long tunnels are the scary ones. You can not see ANY light at all!! You are holding on very tightly and desperately looking for "the light at the end of the tunnel". I don't like the tunnels. I don't think anyone does.

Right now... I feel like I am in the tunnel!! I am not sure how long it is, but right now.... I can not see the light at the end. I know it's there. I just can't see it and I'm scared.

It's crazy too, because just a few short days ago.... I was riding high up on top and enjoying every minute (or second!) that I was up there!!

My life is like a path. I like to go hiking in the woods. Almost always, there is a path to follow. I stay on the path, because I know that if I go off of the path... I will most surely get lost! Usually there will be "forks" in the path and I have to decide which way is the best way to go. If I choose the wrong path, then it could lead me somewhere that I shouldn't be. Sometimes, there are other paths that are connected to the path that I am on. I know that I have to stay on MY PATH and not take these others, because I have no idea where these other paths will take me.

Sometimes, these other paths tempt me with pretty flowers or a beautiful view! I am attracted to pretty things, so I have to be careful not to be distracted from MY PATH.

Right now..... I am not sure what is going on. I am not sure if I took a wrong path, and now I am lost. Or, am I on the right path, but something (or someone) is blocking my way. Or, am I at a fork in my path and I have to choose which way to go??

I do feel a bit lost.

I know that Jesus is the light at the end of that roller coaster tunnel. I know that once I find His light.... He will guide me out.

I also know that Jesus is right here with me on this path. He is trying to show me which way to go so that I can get back on the right path. I can't hear His voice right now, tho. I can't even see which way He is pointing. I DO know that He is holding my hand. I can feel it. He is telling me that everything is going to be alright and that I AM going to find my way back to the right path. He will guide me, if I will just listen to Him.

PLEASE say a prayer for me. ~ Thank you!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do You Love Your Mechanic?

I LOVE MINE!!! I guess I have more of a reason to, though. My mechanic is my Hubby!

I have always known that he was a VERY GOOD mechanic, but... yesterday, I was ever so grateful for the skills that he has been blessed with.

Here's the story ----

A few weeks ago, we noticed that the horn on my car was sounding "weak" whenever we used the remote to lock my car. Hubby said... "Sounds like the horn is dying." A week or so later.... it DID die!

Hubby could have easily fixed it, but since my car is still under warranty, he told me to take it to the dealer and have them fix it.

So, about 10 days ago, I took my car to the service department at the dealership. I took books with me, thinking that I would be there for an hour or so, but after only about 15 mins.... my car was done! --- You see... secretly, I don't mind having to wait. It gives me a chance to relax and read! --- I was glad that it was done quickly, but at the same time.... I was disappointed that I didn't have more time to just SIT and read. Oh well. I left the dealership with my horn working. YAY! They said that it was the "relay" on the horn --- whatever that is! Hubby was surprised that it WASN'T the horn.

But.... just a few days later.... it died... AGAIN.

So.... back to the dealership I go again, yesterday.

A bunch of the teachers that I work with were going out to lunch, so I had one of them follow me to the dealership so that I could drop my car off and I could go have lunch while my car was being fixed. --- I was SURE that it would take more than 15 mins this time to fix it, since it was FOR SURE the horn that was not working.

My teacher friend brought me back to the dealership. I had my books with me, just in case I had to wait for a bit longer! But, (darn it!) my car was sitting there, fixed, and waiting for me to drive it home.

I walked into the service office and told the not-so-friendly guy that I was here to pick up my car. He then proceeded to tell me this.... "Uh. Well, instead of fixing your horn, the mechanic that's about to be fired, changed the oil in it!! But, if you could wait a few minutes, I am going to see to it that your horn gets fixed."

I walked into the waiting room in utter disbelief.

I called Hubby to tell him and of course he blurted out... "They did WHAT???"  He couldn't believe it either.

I pulled out my book to "read", even tho' I honestly was not focused enough to read. Ugh!! After about 15 mins, the not-so-friendly guy called me over to the window and told me that my car was now ready. He apologized again, "laughed" and said... "Well, at least you got a free oil change out of the deal! Oh and by the way... they rotated your tires, too." --- "ARE YOU KIDDING ME????", was all I could think of. But, I just smiled a fake smile and said... "Thank you", and left.

On my 10 mile (or so) drive home, the thought occured to me that.... How do I know if those BOZO MECHANICS put my wheels back on tight enough??? What if my wheels FALL OFF as I am driving????

I made it home safely and Hubby arrived home soon after. By now, it was after 2:00 in the afternoon. I asked Hubby to check my wheels out and make sure they were on tight. He did that and also looked the car over thoroughly to make sure everything looked alright. Well... it's a good thing that he did!!! When he crawled up under my car to check the oil drain plug, he found a 6" puddle of oil AND a plug that was barely screwed on!! YIKES!

Hubby informed me that if he hadn't checked it, that plug would have definitley come loose. My oil would have dumped on the ground and my engine would been trashed! -- NOT GOOD!

You see, Hubby does ALL of the work on our cars. And, like I said before... the only reason we took it to the dealer to get the horn fixed was because it is still under warranty. -- Why spend the money on parts if we don't have to?

Needless to say... Hubby called the service department and complained. He also wrote a letter to the owner of the dealership to make him aware of the incompetance that took place. He doesn't expect anything in return (I don't think), but just wanted this to be known. Who knows how many other people have suffered because of these mechanics.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today, I could totally just copy and paste a blog post that I wrote not too long ago about MONEY. (You can read it by clicking HERE if you would like.)

Money is an evil word in "my" dictionary! There is a constant NEED for it in my house. Yes, there are things that we "want", but more often... money is "needed" rather than "wanted". There never seems to be enough of it.

Right now, all I can think about is what I can do to bring more income (money) into our house. I work now as a part-time preschool teaching assistant, so I DO have hours in my week that could be spent working somewhere else. Before this job, I worked full-time and our family life struggled because I was only home in the evenings. I hate to bring that problem back, but I don't know what else to do.

For now, I think the best thing for me to do is...
 pray about the situation.

I need to talk to God.

But, more importantly.... I need to LISTEN to God.

He, alone, has all the answers.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Advent Conspiracy

Today, I am going to a new class at my church. We will be studying a book called Advent Conspiracy - Engage more fully in authentic worship & true giving at Christmas. I had not heard of it until this class was advertised in our church bulletin. The title intrigued me because for several years now, Christmas has become something that I "dreaded" more than looked forward to.

Here's a little more info, from our church bulletin, that describes the study ---

The idea is simple: Worship fully, spend less, give more, love all. Those are the 4 goals of Advent Conspiracy. Join others as we learn together how to truly proclaim Christ in the way that we celebrate Christmas.

Sounds good, doesn't it??

Why have I not looked forward to Christmas, you ask???

I am not sure the exact year that my feelings changed, but if I had to guess... it would be about 5 years ago, in 2005. This was the year that my mother had her stroke.

My mom had her stroke on November 8th of that year. When Christmas came, she was in a temporary Nursing Home for stroke recovery therapy. It was a NIGHTMARE! For one... I hated the place that she was in. Two... I was going thru a "tailspin" between caring for her needs there and trying to make Christmas still special for my family at home. I was an emotional wreck. My girls were 18 & 14 at the time and Christmas was still a big part of their lives. Especially for Dtr. #2. I was failing at being Super "Mom", "Daughter" and "wife", and I didn't like it one bit! We DID manage to get thru that Christmas, but it was a rough one.

For reasons that I won't go into at this time, I ended up having to find a full-time job in order to help meet my mom's needs. For the next few years (2006-2009), Christmas was not the same AT ALL! I missed having extra time before Christmas to "prepare". --- Prior to my mom's stroke, I worked as a Preschool Teacher and before that.... an Elementary Teacher's Assistant. I loved my new job as a Church Secretary, but missed being at home VERY MUCH! Especially... at Christmas time!

Almost a year ago exactly... I lost that secretarial job due to the struggling economy. I know in my heart that it was an answer to my prayers of wishing that I could have more time at home again.

Since then, I have been desperately trying to get back my LOVE for Christmas. For the past few years, my focus was NOT on the true meaning of Christmas, but was on the hussle & bussle of trying to "prepare" with such little time! I have hated buying gifts. Hated having to decorate.

Last year was better (thankfully!) and I am feeling good about this year, as well.

I'll have to write more later and let you know more about this class! Speaking of which..... I gotta' go!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dust Bunnies - Friend or Foe?

First of all.... I have to confess that I will never when the award for keeping the cleanest house. Household chores are NOT my thing!

But, don't get me wrong. I DO clean my house. It is just not something that I enjoy doing and it is not something that I am obsessed with, like some women (and men!) that I have heard of.

My least favorite chore is DUSTING. Why??? Because I feel like it is a battle that I can never win. The Dust Bunnies win every time! They are so good at their game and I am not. They are stubborn little critters and don't like to leave! And when I DO manage to get them to leave.... they are back again within a few days!

The term "Dust Bunnies" kinda' makes me laugh and also got me to thinking.... "Where did this term come from?" So... I did a little research.

This is what Wikipedia says --- (I know that it isn't the most reliable site, but I do like to go there for info!)

Dust bunnies (or dustbunnies) are small clumps of dust that form under furniture and in corners that are not cleaned regularly. They are made of hair, lint, dead skin, spider web, dust, and sometimes light rubbish and debris, and are held together by static electricity and felt-like entanglement. They can house dust mites or other parasites, and can lower the efficiency of dust filters by clogging. The movement of a single large particle can start the formation of a dust bunny.

Dust bunnies are harmful to electronics, as they can obstruct air flow through heat sinks, severely raising temperatures and shortening the life of electronic components.

A trademark for "Dustbunny" was registered in 2006 for the "Dustbunny Cleaner", a robotic ball with an electrostatic sleeve that rolls around under furniture to collect dustbunnies and other material.

Dust bunnies have been used as an analogy for the accretion of cosmic matter in planetoids.

Dust bunnies have also been known as beggar's velvet, and slut's wool.

Really???? ...."slut's wool"????  -- Yikes!!

Here's some more fun info that I came across as I "googled" -- Dust Bunnies.

Where to find them or " The Natural Environment"
Dustbunnies have been around for centuries and are an untouched resource of easy-care pets for our busy life styles. They have lived quietly along side us and have already been domesticated.

You probably have one or two which have "adopted" you and you wouldn't even know it.

The Dustbunny seeks out spaces that receive little traffic, and preferably dark - although some do become curious of the outside world.

Dust bunny Defenses
Dustbunnies have their own paratrooper squads that one must be on the look-out for. However, since the Dustbunnies do not have their own Air force they depend on fan blades to transport them, so invasions usually take plan during warm summer days

There are also small legions of foot soldiers that parade across the floor when the ventilation units are turned on.

When heavy objects are moved they will scurry for cover. This is the best time for capture.

Submitted by Robin and Anna: Did you know that Dustbunnies eat spiders and other things that crawl into there territory. Also, they like to use pencils as exercise equipment. It may cost $100 per day to capture them if you live in a big city.

Dustbunny Social Life
Dust Bunnies are very prolific. There is no such thing as ONE Dust Bunny. Left to their own vices, dustbunnies will reproduce at alarming rates.

Dustbunnies like to use stereo-systems as their own personal Singles Clubs. Dancing usually takes place on the older models with a LP turntable, as the laser show of the CD drives have been linked to Fur Cancer in studies conducted at DBU.

Believe it or not DISCO is still their favorite music. If you find any dancing on the head of your needle, please remove gently and place off to the side so they can catch their breath.

There is now a new "Take your Dust Bunny to Work Day".. If you do this, make sure you only bring back your home Dust Bunnies and not the ones from work. Although, the ones at work may like a nice holiday.

Dustbunny care:
Care for dustbunnies is very low maintenance.

Feeding: Dust Bunnies will find their own food. They have a tendency to turn vegetarian - if you do not wish them to eat your houseplants you may wish to gently wipe them off the leaves with a gentle but firm "no".

Dustbunnies need a quiet, dark place to make a hutch or home, under beds and dressers are the ideal spots. If you wish them to find their own space, don't be surprised if you catch them crawling the walls and hanging from the chandeliers.

Dust Bunnies prefer small hidden places where no one looks.

When giving you Dust Bunnies a bath, make sure that you have the safety net put on. This way your Dust Bunnies will not get sucked back into the wash or go down the drain. They enjoy congregating in pipes and Router Rooter may hurt them.

Now that the heating season is here, make sure that you have collected your Dustbunnies off of the heaters and registers. Burnt fur does not smell very good and it does spook your Dustbunnies.

When using a dehumidifiers, please pay special attention to the coils. Dustbunnies like to drink from these and may become too wet to move. Gently wipe them off and place in a dryer with clothes. They will collect on the lint screen and then can be released.

Health Care: Unlike many pets, Dustbunnies do not need inoculations or veterinary visits. If your Dustbunny begins to look peaked, build it a nest of laundry lint and in a few days your pet will be looking fine and frisky.

Making your home Dustbunny friendly:
If you are missing an item, check the Dust Bunny hutch. Unlike Raccoons who will actively look for goodies, Dustbunnies will only take what they can get easily especially anything left on the floor near their home.

Natural enemies of the Dust Bunny: Giant sucking machines (i.e. Hoovers, Kirbys, Dust Vacs, etc.) keep them as far away from your Dustbunny if you don't want to scare them.

I think I have a new appreciation for the little critters, but I still wish they'd find another place to live!

They sure are cute, tho!

Photo courtesy of -- Lynn Martin of Arlington, Texas

Friday, October 15, 2010

The Great Pumpkin

Back when I was a little girl.... In the Fall, right before Halloween, I looked forward to watching "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" on TV. It only came on once a year, as did MANY other great TV shows and movies like ---- Santa Claus is Coming to Town, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, The Wizard of Oz, Charlie Brown's Christmas... etc. Kids, including myself, were allowed to stay up late on these nights in order to watch these once-a-year "specials".
Now, these shows can be bought on video and watched over and over, anytime we choose to watch them. To me, it kinda' takes away from the "specialness" of them.

One year, when I was in 5th grade, I was very sick on the week of Halloween. I couldn't go to school, which normally... I wouldn't have minded, but this week was going to be fun because I knew that I would be missing out on a lot of fun things at school that week.

My school --- which was right across the street from the apartment that we lived in! --- always had a HUGE Fall Festival with carnival games, prizes, and good food. The festival was held inside the school and then also outside, on the basketball court... which I could see very CLEARLY from my bedroom window! I can still remember sadly staring out that window and watching everyone having fun at the festival.

At some point, during this week of me being sick... The doorbell rang and I was surprised to see my teacher standing there!! She had come to bring me cards that my class had made for me and candy that I had missed out on getting. Her name was Miss Ballard. I will never forget her. In my memory... she looked like Marlo Thomas when she was on the TV show... "That Girl".

On the day of the Fall Festival, as I sadly watched everyone else having fun at the Fall Festival, the doorbell rang again. This time, it was for a flower delivery. I didn't think much about it until the man said that it was for ME!! When I read the card that was attached, it said.... "Hope you feel better. Love, The Great Pumpkin". I remember being excited, but yet... a bit confused. I knew that the Great Pumpkin was NOT real.

I asked my mom if she was "The Great Pumpkin", becaue I just knew that she had sent the flowers to me. My mom (of course) denied sending them. She kept insisting that it really WAS The Great Pumpkin. Then, I started drilling her with questions as to WHO might have sent the flowers. She played her part well and kept insisting that it really WAS The Great Pumpkin.

I decided that it must have been my grandmother. My mom said that it wasn't, but allowed me to call her anyway. -- I can just imagine the confusion that my poor grandmother must have had when I asked her if SHE was The Great Pumpkin! - She said, "No. It's not me." I remember her asking me questions about the flowers and I remember explaining to her about how they came and how the card was signed.

My mother never did let on that she really WAS The Great Pumpkin, but I know now that this was just one of the sweet things that she did for me and something that I will never forget! I only wish that I had a picture of those flowers and/or the card that was attached.

I just had a fun thought!!!! ~~ Maybe "The Great Pumpkin" should return the favor and send HER some flowers!!! Then, I can insist that I am NOT The Great Pumpkin! **Smile**

I don't have a picture from that day, but I do have this newspaper article from when I was in the 1st Grade. It is very special to me. I had to separate it into three pictures. I hope that you can read the words in the article.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chester's T-shirt

You know how babies and young children have attachments to objects such as blankets or stuffed animals?? Well...... my 6 month old puppy has an attachment to a t-shirt!!

It all started when he was a very small puppy. One of my girls put one of their old t-shirts in Chester's crate for him to sleep with, hoping that the "scent" on the shirt would help him sleep thru the night.

Here's a picture of him, sleeping with it....

Well,now... this T-shirt is one of his favorite things!! He loves for us to throw it over his head. Then, he runs over to Jackson and he and Jackson "play fight" as Jackson tries to take the shirt off of Chester's head! It is hilarious to watch!! It's like a game that they play.

The t-shirt is now full of holes, has nasty stains on it and stinks pretty bad!! I DO wash it, but he doesn't like for me to. As soon as I pick it up to throw it in the wash.... he follows me to the laundry room, trying to get it back!!

Here are some photos of him and Jackson as they have fun with the t-shirt ---

Yep... he likes it on his head!

This is what he looks like when he brings it to you so that you can put it on his head.
He has it hanging from one (or two) of his bottom front teeth!

I PROMISE!! Jackson is not really being mean. He's just playing.

The tug-of-war commences!!

Chester won and the shirt is now, back on his head!

Back at it again!! -- I PROMISE... Jackson is NOT hurting Chester!

Chester succeeds in keeping the shirt on his head.

Another round of "play fighting".

This is a nightly (and sometimes twice, nightly!) ritual at my house!! They definitely provide the entertainment!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My apology goes out to....

all of you true Atlanta Braves fans.

You see... I watched last night's game as if I were one of you "true" fans. I got caught up in all of the excitement that they were IN the play-offs. I should have gone to bed half way through the game. Maybe they would have won.

The truth is.... I haven't watched a whole Braves game in several years. I feel that I may be the reason that they lost the game and are now out of the play-offs. I am so sorry.

Have you ever felt like that??  Like you "jinxed" someone??

That's how I felt last night. Like I had jinxed the Braves by suddenly deciding to watch them after a long period of not watching them. ---- Sorry guys!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Family Day With My Mom

Yesterday was Family Day at my mom's nursing home. This is the third year that my mom has been at this particular nursing home. For the past two years, Hubby and I have ridden the motorcycle over there because, being October, the weather is so nice. This year, Hubby was helping out at our church's "Turkey Shoot". -- Ya. You're probably wondering what that's all about. I'll have to explain that in another post. It might actually make for a really good one!! **Smile**

Anyway.... Dtr. #2 was working, so Dtr. #1 went with me. This was actually the first year that she has been able to go to Family Day. The previous years, she was away at college.

Family Day is really a wonderful thing among one of the many wonderful things that this nursing home does for it's residents. They invite the families of the residents and provide BBQ, music & games for all. They have a beautiful yard that they use and families come from all over for the event. Unfortunately, we don't have a big family.

I was glad that Dtr. #1 got to go with me and I am pretty sure that my mom was, too. Here are a few photos from the day.

Outside decorations. They always do such a beautiful job.

The front entrance is always so warm and inviting.

Dtr. #1 and her MeMaw

Me and my Mom

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Date Night With Hubby

Friday night is usually "Date Night" for Hubby and I. Sometimes we go out with friends and sometimes the kids end up coming along, too. Last night, I got to have him all to myself!

We left the house about 5:00pm and headed to town. I set my ipod to my "beach music" playlist (our favorite!) and rolled --- well, we didn't actually "roll" down the windows. My car is only 2 yrs old, so we just pushed the button. --- down the windows, opened the sun-roof and enjoyed having the wind blow thru our hair --- well, it blew thru "my" hair, anyway.

Our first stop was Chili's for dinner.

Then we walked around Columbus Park Crossing
(shopping center) for a little bit .....

where we checked out the new Haverty's Furniture store where we looked at bedroom furniture, just for the fun of it.

Then, we walked to Barnes & Noble to browse the books.

While we were there, we took a look at the "Nook eBook Reader". It's pretty cool! I thought you just used it to download electronic books, but it does a whole lot more than just that!

After that, we headed to Chill,
the new "hot spot" in town for dessert!! YUM!!
I had been there before, but Hubby had not and he loved it!!

What a wonderful time we had! We talked, laughed and truly enjoyed spending the evening together. Some of my best memories are just spending TIME with my hubby. Last night's date was one of those that will always be remembered!

Friday, October 8, 2010

How do you spell ornament?

My girls are four years apart in age. When they were in early elementary school, one of them received phonics and the other one did not. For whatever reason... the schools pulled the phonics part of learning from the curriculum the year that one of my girls really needed it!! As a result.... one of them is not such a great "reader" or "speller". ---For the sake of embarrassment... I'm going to keep their identity a secret!

I learned last night that my "non-phonics" child was asked how to spell "ornament" at work. So she spelled it -


Her co-workers, then realized "who" it was that had been misspelling this word in their database!

She quickly explained to them her issue with not receiving phonics as a child. They understood, but lovingly continued to tease her about it, which she (thankfully!) didn't seem to mind.

The actual funny part of this story is that my child that DID receive phonics said....

"Well, I know how to spell ornament, but I when I say the word I say.... or-da-ment."

I couldn't help but laugh now and I let them both know (real quick!) that they did NOT learn how to incorrectly say this word from ME, because I say or-na-ment! They tried to tell me that I DO say it like they do, but I know for a fact that I say it the correct way because I have repeated it over and over in my head, just to make sure...

or-na-ment, or-na-ment, or-na-ment.

Yep! I say it the right way!

Maybe they incorrectly learned this word from my mom, who must not have had phonics as a child either, because she mispronounces MANY words!!

The funniest thing that she does is that she adds "er" to any word that ends with an "A". She'll say... "Atlant-er" for "Atlanta" and "Lis-er" for "Lisa". She also adds an "S" to store names, for whatever reason! She'll say... "Walmart-s" for "Walmart" and "K-mart-s" for "K-mart".

I guess I'll have to get my mom to say "ornament" and see how she pronounces it!! **Smile**

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ Z

The word for today is ZEN, as in a website that I stumbled upon a couple of years ago called Zen Habits. You can check it out by clicking HERE.

This website (actually.... it's a blog!) is full of helpful information and tips for living a "simple", "happy" and "healthy" life.

Here are just a few of the categories from which to choose from -
  • Finance & Family
  • Healthy & Fitness
  • Goals & Motivation
  • Habits
  • Happiness
  • Productivity & Organization
  • Simplicity
Within these categories, you can find posts such as these --- (you can click on them!)

I get these blog posts sent to my email, but I have to admit that I am WAY behind on reading them! This is something that I need to get back into the habit of doing. Leo's (the author of the blog) way of writing is so peaceful and helpful.

Thank you, Leo, for your AMAZING writing skills!

WOW!!! ~ We've made it to the end of the alphabet! You are either glad to see it go or will miss it. My guess is the first choice, but I'm Ok with that. It's been fun for me to think of a word for each letter. I tried hard to think of words that made me think of the previous day. Sometimes it was easy. Sometimes it was hard.

I'm not sure what my next blog "theme" will be. I have several ideas, but I'm not sure if I really want to follow that route right now. I may take a break and try my hand at just "writing". **Smile**

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ Y

Today's word is... YELLOW. I picked this word because it is my mom's favorite color. She was just talking about it yesterday, in fact.

So... as a dedication to her... I have found these beautiful pictures of YELLOW things. ~ Enjoy!

 My mom loves flowers!

My mom loves butterflies.

She loves birds.
She loved to decorate with the color yellow.

Everytime that I see the color yellow,
I think of my mom.


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