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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don't you just hate it when.....

you have your whole day mapped out and then... BAM! ... things change!!
Yep. This is what happened to me today. I took off work so that I could be at the hospital this morning when my mom was discharged from the hospital. (This would be a non-paid day off, since I used my 3 paid days when I had my surgery!)

When I arrived (about 9:00am), I passed my mom's heart doctor at the nurses station. I thought to myself... "Oh good! He's here! That means that I should see him soon and he will release her soon." He was busy, of course, so I didn't stop to talk to him.

I went down the hall to my mom's room and found her sound asleep! I snuck in and sat down with my "everything bagel" that I stopped and bought at Panera Bread. YUM!! I turned the TV to my favorite morning channel and sat there, in peace, eating my bagel, waiting for the doctor to arrive and release my mom.

My mom awoke to the nurse coming in to do her job, about 30 minutes after I arrived. After the nurse left, she fell back to sleep and I enjoyed more "me time". **Smile**

The next time the nurse came in, I asked her when the doctor was going to come and release my mom. She, of course, had no clue!

So.... I waited some more. I watched TV. My mom snoozed. I read my book. My mom snoozed.

Finally.... about 11:30am, her heart doctor came in. He said that he wanted to keep her another night to continue draining the fluid off her lungs.

My heart sank, but I understood.

Now, I had to make the dreaded phone call to the nursing home to beg plead ask for more time to be given to us so that my mom would not lose her place at the nursing home, without us paying the extra expense.

Thankfully, the director granted us another day! So.... I am now praying (again) that my mom goes home TOMORROW!

I hate that I wasted a day of not going to work. I don't think I can afford to miss another day, so I WILL be going to work tomorrow, but my phone will be GLUED to my side!! 

you are in the middle of typing a blog post, email, letter, etc. and then... BAM!! ... the screen goes blank!!
This happened to me as I started to write this post!! I HATE when that happens! Thankfully, Blogger saves your posts in a draft! 

you just clean your carpets and then... BAM!! ... the dog tracks in mud!!
Yep. This happened just the other day! We don't get rain for weeks!!! And as soon as we clean the carpets.... here comes the monsoon! Guess it's a good thing that we now own a carpet shampooer!

you get a flower garden planted and then.... BAM!! .... the dog digs it up!!
Yep. I never had a dog that liked to dig until we got Chester. Of course, with my other dogs, I had never had a freshley planted flower garden in the yard either! I sure hope he grows out of it before Spring! I want to replant what he dug up!


  1. Fingers crossed that your mum will be discharged tomorrow, Becky. I liked the story of the muddy dog, and I know what you mean about losing a typed post. Yes , indeed, thank goodness it gets saved in draft!!

  2. hope your mom feels better and gets to come home tomorrow

  3. Thank you, both. I've got fingers AND toes crossed!

  4. Hope you were able to spring your mom out today Becky. Looks like you had one of those "straw that broke the camel's back" days, or something like that. Happy December 1st!

  5. Nope. Mom didn't get "sprung" yesterday! UGH! Hopefully, today.



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