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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Days 20 & 21

I apologize for missing a day. Yesterday got away from me before I had the chance to sit down and write!

Yesterday, I was thankful that I have a warm bed to crawl into at night. There are so many people all over this world that do not have this luxury that so many of us take for granted.

Night before last, I awoke during the night with a terrible migraine of a headache! I am quite sure that it was the temperature change outside (the drop in barometric pressure, to be exact!). I tend to only get these kinds of headaches when this happens.

When I get these headaches in the night, my bed feels like it's made of stone and my pillow feels like a rock! -- I picture it something like this....

Photo found HERE.

I woke up and was cursing the fact that I couldn't sleep and had this horrible headache!!

Then.... after taking some meds, getting a cold compress for my head and laying back down.... I realized how blessed I am to even HAVE a bed!! Much less one that is soft and warm.

This is not my bed, but one that David and I were blessed to sleep in when we visited New Orleans last year. This bed was SOOOOOOOO comfortable!!! Even tho mine is not this luxurious, I am thankful for it, just the same.

Today, I am thankful that Miranda (dtr. #2) and her boyfriend made it safely to Arizona on their flight last night. They are spending the Thanksgiving holiday week with his mother and her family. I am excited for her to be able to go out there again, (she went after Christmas, last year, for a week!) but at the same time... I will miss her very much!! This will be the first time our little family of four will be separated for a family holiday.

When she first mentioned to me that this what they wanted to do, I was a little bit upset. But, I also knew that, as they got older, the day would come that we would not all be together for a holiday. I am okay with it now. Not as sad. I will still miss her (I already do!), but I am okay. I can't say that I won't let a few tears loose on Thanksgiving Day, tho!!

This photo was taken by them when they wre at the airport last year, waiting on their flight to Arizona.

Here they are at the Grand Canyon!! I was so glad that she got to see it.

These photos were taken on Thanksgiving Day, 2008. We were camping with friends, which was something that we did for three years! It was fun, but we tired of it and missed being at home for the holiday.

David, Ashley and I are excited to be doing something different this Thanksgiving, though! We have been invited by some close friends to have Thanksgiving with them and their family!! It should be a lot of fun! I will be sure to take pictures and blog about the day. So be on the lookout for that post!


  1. Nice post. I'm sure it will be hard for your daughter being away from you also. You and your hubby look like such a cute couple. He looks like he's a really fun guy, reminds me of mine. Thanks for checking out my blog too. It's kind of fun finding some new blogger friends, right?

  2. I'm with you, Becky. We live in an old, small house. But I am grateful for the roof and comfort that is all encompassing! Cool picture of the rock bed, tho. You're sounding pretty upbeat these days! Godspeed to your daughter!

  3. Sandy -- Thank you for the sweet compliment! Yes. We are very happy and he is the love of my life! ~ Yes, I am having a blast meeting so many wonderful new friends in the blogging world! :)

    Susan -- Yes. Things are going better at the moment. Thank you for remembering. :)

  4. Sorry Becky, I've just realized that I haven't commented on this post, although I was sure that I had!! Blame my age! LOL. We do take these things for granted, don't we, but as you quite rightly say, there are so many people out there who do not even have a roof over there heads, so a lovely comfortable bed is a real blessing! Take care.



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