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Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall Tablescape Finds!

I've been enjoying reading and looking at the fun tablescapes over at betweennapsontheporch!! Her ideas are so inspiring!! I love fall so much that I have been on the hunt the past few days for some Fall "bargains" for my own "Fall Tablescape".

Take a look at what I found today at Walmart and at the Dollar Tree!!

I got these BEAUTIFUL leaf plates from Walmart, on clearance, for only $2.00 each! I have been wanting some white plates so that they will go with any of my tablescapes that I create. I found these at the Dollar Tree for, of course... $1.00 each!

Take a look at this beautiful charger!! I found these at Walmart for only $2.00, too!

Don't look too close at my wrinkled napkin! I was too anxious to see how it all looked and didn't worry about ironing just one!

I bought six.

I put my collection of roosters on the table, along with a candle and the cookie jar that my mother painted many years ago.

I found this big rooster in Blue Ridge, way up in the mountains of North Georgia. He usually sits up on top of my kitchen cabinets. I am not sure where I picked up these other two roosters. I really like the black and white one, tho! The white hen and rooster were my grandmother's.

I bought the box of leaves, berries and fruit at Walmart for only $3.00! I may go back to the Dollar Tree and look for a pretty glass bowl for them to go in. I have a fall basket, but I think they would be prettier in a bowl. As you can see, my candle sprung a leak!! Ya. That was a fun night, when it started dripping on my coffee table! YIKES!

Next, I pulled out my grandmother's "Rooster Dishes", as I call them. Look how pretty they go with the leaf dish and the charger!!

I just love these chargers!!

I love my grandmother's rooster dishes, too.

I love my rooster, too!

I think I am on my way to having a beautiful Fall Tablescape. What do you think?


  1. OMG! Love your leaf plates. And the rooster dishes go really good with all of it, and the chargers! Good picks Becky! Your rooster collection is prettier than any I've seen. They look very original and homemade. Yes-you're well on your way to having a gorgeous Fall Tablescape!

  2. All looks fantastic Becky. I LOVE the chargers too. I also love your grandma's rooster dishes and I think it's lovely when things are handed down the family like that - makes them even more special. You did a good job on your Fall Table Decoration!

  3. Thank you, both!! I'm excited!! :)



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