This blog is basically just a collection of my "random thoughts". I must warn you, though. I have been told that "I write like I talk", so if you don't understand what you are reading... chances are, if you met me... I wouldn't make much sense to you! Feel free to comment if you care to. Or not. I'm good either way!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

To Pay or Not to Pay

You may not know this, but I love going to the library and checking out books! I also love to buy them, but if I can "check them out" rather than buy them, I will.

The county that I live in is mostly rural and it is a fairly big county. The "County Seat" (or main town) is in the center of the county. This is where the very small, county library is. I live in the southwest part of the county, almost into the city of Columbus, GA... which is in the neighboring county.

We have lived here for 12 years and we have always used the library in Columbus because it is more convenient and because it is bigger and has a much better selection of books, CD's, DVD's, etc.

I had heard that the Columbus Library System had started CHARGING out of county residents to use "their" library, but I didn't believe it. Today.... I found out that it is TRUE!

They are charging out of county residents $35.00 per year for a library card!!! YIKES!!

I was sad to find this out. I didn't have the CASH ---- Yes. They will only accept CASH!--- to pay it today. Plus... I need to think about this and decide if it is worth it or not.

Of course, I am sure that it will save me money in the long run, but...... will it, really???

Also, we could buy ONE card and the girls and I could share it, I suppose.

I don't know. I'll have to give this some more thought. I am just quite disappointed that I now have to PAY to use the library!

Yes.... I could use our own county library, but it really is not at all convenient and it is VERY small!

Decisions, decisions.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Book for My Mom

A couple of weeks ago, a friend told me about this wonderful book ----

In case you can't read the subtitle.... it says...
"A Little Boy's Astounding Story of His Trip to Heaven and Back"

As soon as my friend told me about the book, I knew that I must buy it for my mom to read.

For those of you that may not know... my mom is in a nursing home as a result of a stroke that she had in November of 2005. She bounced back pretty good from the stroke, but over the past few years... has been declining in health and now suffers from Congestive Heart Failure. I know that my mom does not have much time left with us, here. Her heart is getting more and more weak. I have accepted this fact and I am prepared.... or at least I "think" I am prepared... for her to leave us and pass on to live forever in eternity with Jesus in Heaven.

For the past month or so, my mom and I have been having some deep conversations regarding how she feels about death and her wishes for when the time comes. Through these conversations, I have sensed that she has many fears and questions about it all.

I have tried, the best that I can, to comfort her, answer her questions, and ease her fears. But, of course, I do not have all the answers. No one here on earth, does. All that we know is what we read in the Bible, and from books such as the one above.

So, when my friend told me about this book... I knew that I must get it!

My mom's birthday is Sunday. I would like to give her the book as one of her presents. Fortunately, she does like to read. I just pray that she will enjoy this book and it will ease her mind and her fears.

I have started reading it myself and I am hoping to finish it before Sunday.

Let me share a little bit of what the back of the book says --

Colton, not yet four years old, told his parents he left his body during the surgery-and authenticated that claim by describing exactly what his parents were doing in another part of the hospital while he was being operated on. He talked of visiting heaven and relayed stories told to him by people he met there whom he had never met in his life, sharing events that happened even before he was born. He also astonished his parents with descriptions and obscure details about heaven that matched the Bible exactly, though he had not yet learned to read.

With disarming innocence and the plainspoken boldness of a child, Colton tells of meeting long-departed family members. He describes Jesus, the angels, how "really, really big" God is, and how much God loves us. Retold by his father, but using Colton's uniquely simple words, Heaven Is for Real offers a glimpse of the world that awaits us, where as Coltons says, "Nobody is old and nobody wears glasses."

I can't wait to finish reading this book!! And....So far, it is easing "my" fears about dying and going to Heaven. I sure hope it helps my mom, as well.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Southern Funk

Saturday, my church had what we called Market Day. They invited vendors to come in and sell their "goods". It was a fundraising event for our Kentucky Mission Team.

I was surprised to see that there were over 35 vendors, selling jewelry, scrapbooks, purses, bags, birdhouses, plants, homemade bread, scarves, fine consignment clothes, monograms, home decor, & gifts galore! I was OVERWHELMED!!

A hot southern-style breakfast was served from 9:00am - 10:30am. And a lunch of BBQ chicken and the "fixin's" was served from 11:30am - 2:30pm. Breakfast was $5.00 & lunch was $7.00.

I did good. I got there at 8:30 and stood in line for breakfast, then I went straight to the jewelry booth, which was my goal!

This booth was/is owned by my pastor's sister! Her business is called SOUTHERN FUNK. Isn't that a cute name?? I think so! She was here a couple of months ago and did a "show" at my pastor's house. I wasn't able to go, but I had heard what BEAUTIFUL jewelry she had and how WONDERFUL the prices were, so this time... I was NOT going to miss it!

I wish I had taken pictures because you would NOT believe the amount of jewelry that she had displayed and how absolutely beautiful it all was!! The prices were outstanding! Nothing was over $14.00!!!!

Here is a picture of her business card. She also has a website!

She also sold beautiufl scarves!! She had them displayed all around her booth. I was TOTALLY overwhelmed!!

My first goal was to find a birthday present for my mother. Her birthday is coming up on April 3rd. She will be 79. She loves jewelry, so I was quite sure that I would find something that she would like. The first thing that I saw was this owl necklace!! It was PERFECT for her!! My mom has always loved owls. When I was growing up, she had them all over our home!

This one has a long chain, which is perfect for her. She won't have to try and fasten it every time. It came with a set of earrings, but my mom's ears are not pierced. I will keep those for myself. I love the way his feathers "dangle"! She is going to LOVE this!

Here are the pieces that I bought for ME!

I have a "thing" for hearts! I love them! I wore this to church yesterday with a gray shirt that I have. It looked beautiful!

A closer look at the earrings which say... "honesty".

I love the beach, so this set called my name, too!! The earrings came with it!!

A closer look. The colors are so pretty!!!

I bought these earrings, too. They were by themselves! I LOVE THEM! Check out that price, too!

Here are the scarves that I bought. I have never really worn scarves before, but I really like the way that they look on other people, so I thought that I would try a couple out!

It's hard to tell in this picture, but his one is sort-of a grayish-blue color. I thought it would go great with a t-shirt and blue jeans!

This one has the beachy colors that I love! It will look great with that starfish necklace!!

Check out the website HERE and see what you like!!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Amazing Race

I love reality TV and one of the shows that I like very much is The Amazing Race. It is televised on Sunday evenings at 8:00pm on CBS.

This is the ONE reality show that I can see myself actually doing.... or at least I "think" I could do it! Knowing my luck tho, I'd probably be the contestant that viewers would call "The old lady" and would be thinking... "She'll never make it!"

I love that the players get to travel all over the world and get to experience SO much! Of course, they aren't leisurly traveling around the world, they are RUNNING around the world! -- BIG difference!

Check out all of the places that the players went to on this particular season of the show!
You never see the players stopping to take any photos --- which is what I would want to do! That would frustrate me because I would be in such AWE of the things and places that I was seeing! Can you imagine going to places all over the world and not being able to take any photos!!! Surely, they snap a few photos along the way. They'd have to!

The players do some crazy stunts, too! Most of the ones that I have seen them do... I could do, too! The only things that I don't think I could do are bungee jumping and eating something gross, like bugs! Other than those things, I think I could handle the rest!

My partner would be Miranda. She is strong and very smart! She would also push me and encourage me to keep going when I felt like I couldn't go any further. I am sure that we would have our share of arguments along the way, but I also think our relationship would be stronger in the end.

No. I have no plans of actually trying to be on this show, but as I watch.... I picture myself as one of the players and think of how "I" would handle the challenges that they face. I also watch and think about what great photos I could take at each place they visit!   **Smile**

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh How I Wish.....

Gas prices weren't so high, I had money to spend, and..... I had more time to my day!

I am really feeling the urge to go "yard-sale-looking" and "thrift-shop-hunting"!! I am in the mood to wonder through other people's junk in order to find treasures for myself! It's suppose to be a beautiful day and I would love to get out and enjoy it!



But.... since I don't live "in town", and .... gas prices aren't the best, and ......I have plenty of chores to do at home, and ...... I promised myself that I would exercise today, and...... Jackson has a vet appointment this afternoon..... sigh..... I guess I will be staying home. -- Insert **Sad face**, here.

Hope all of you that ARE going to be doing this today, have fun!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Birthday Boy

Well, the "party" that I had hope to have didn't really happen! No one was home when I got home, and the girls had already given Chester his gifts that we bought for him! Oh well! I snapped a few shots of the "Birthday Boy" and his new toys to share with you, anyway!

I tried to get him to "sit" with his new toys, but he decided to "lay", instead!

"Ok, Mommy. I'm 'sitting'."

"No. I think I'd rather lay down!"

Jackson just says... "Spoiled-rotten baby! He gets everything!"

"Yep! That's me! -- Spoiled-Rotten!"

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Chester's Birthday!!!

Yes, today is Chester's 1st Birthday!!

In case you are new to my blog... Chester is the youngest of my two Golden Retrievers. He became a member of our family on May 1st of last year - 2010.

If you have been a follower of mine for the past year, then you will know that life has been quite the adventure since Chester arrived!

Here are a few photo's from the day that we brought him home, but be sure to check back later for his
"Birthday Party"

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

More Random Questions for the Bored

Continuing from yesterday ------

11) If you could use only one condiment on your food for the rest of your life, what would it be? - I guess I will go with spicy mustard. I like my foods to be "spicy".

12) What color are your sheets? - Right now, they are a goldish-tan color, but I am thinking about getting a new set in a blue color.

13) How big is your computer display? - My computer "screen" is 13 & 1/2 inches.

14) What pair of shoes do you wear the most often? - Lately, it is my tennis shoes because I have been going to the gym so much and they are perfect for wearing to work.

15) What is your favorite game? - Oh wow! This one is tough for me because I LOVE ALL GAMES! Right now, Miranda and I are hooked on playing the Monopoly Card game. I love Monopoly and the card game is much quicker!

16) What is your favorite Thanksgiving food? - I would have to say that the turkey is! Especially since we have started deep-frying it! YUM!

17) What is your favorite pizza topping? - MY favorite topping is italian sausage, but David does not like it on pizza, so I never get to have it.

18) What time do you plan on waking up tomorrow? - This is funny, since I haven't been up for that long!! I plan to set my alarm clock for 5am tomorrow and see if I feel well enough to go to work.

19) What is your favorite day of the year? - I guess I would say... Christmas Day, because it is totally about "Family" and being together. Yes, it is Christ's Birthday and we DO celebrate that, but we celebrate it more during the whole season of Advent and we go to church on Christmas Eve.

I know that these little surveys are kind of silly, but they are also kind of fun when you can't think of anything else to write about!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Random Survey for the Bored

Since I have writer's block AGAIN....... I thought it would be fun to post questions and answers from one of Facebook's silly surveys! They are silly, but kind of fun!

1) What is your desktop wallpaper? - My desktop wallpaper is currently one of 4 plant photos that are of a "Nature" theme. The one that is showing right now is a close up of some sort of redish/purplish flower. It's very pretty and kind of looks like a "mum".

2)  What is your favorite zoo animal? - I like tigers a lot. They are so beautiful, but they are boring to watch at the zoo! The chimpanzee's are usually a lot more fun!

3) What was your favorite toy as a child? - This is a toss up between Barbie's and Matchbox cars. I loved my Barbie's! I had a LOT of them, along with many accessories for them. I loved to have weddings with them and I would play the song "Love Will Keep Us Together" on my record player as Barbie walked down the aisle. I was a bit of a tom-boy, too and I loved my Matchbox cars as much as my Barbies! The cars that looked like "real" cars were my favorites. I didn't like the race cars as much.

4) What food do you eat too much of? - Right now, I am hooked on Pita Chips with Hummus! YUM!

5) What kind of hairstyle do you have? - My hair is fairly long. I like to wear it straight, but it is naturally wavy, so I have to straigten it... which isn't always easy! I recently had bangs cut into my hair and I haven't decided if I like it this way, or not.

6) What was your favorite activity in gym class? - UGH!! I really did not like gym! I dreaded it and couldn't wait until I was old enough NOT to have to take it!

7) What is on your shirt right now? - I have a Georgia Bulldogs t-shirt on. It is red with the UGA symbol on it.

8) What is the picture nearest to you, of? - Miranda's graduation picture. It is a 5x7 and it is framed and on my mantle.

9) What is your least favorite food? - Banana's!!! BLECH! I have never liked them!

10) What do you do on a Sunday night? - Relaz and watch TV.

----- More questions and answers tomorrow!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

My New Painting

I have a very talented daughter! Ashley painted this painting to go in our newly redecorated, living room. Didn't she do a beautiful job? **Smile**

Ashley picked up the love of painting while in high school. She is now an art student, here at our hometown college. Her desire is to teach art to elementary students.



Friday, March 18, 2011

THANK YOU, Susan!!

I am slowly starting to catch up on all of my blog reading from this past week. One of my favorite blogs is KardKornerKrib by my good blogging friend, Susan in Ft. Worth, Texas.

Last night, I popped into her blog to see what she has been up to. Little did I know that I would find THIS wonderful BLOG AWARD just for ME!!

Susan wrote some of the kindest words that I think I have ever read in honor of me! WOW! She brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes. Not to "toot my own horn" here, but I would like to share with you what she wrote. But.... PLEASE visit her blog, too!! You won't be disappointed! She writes a wonderful blog that is not only fun, but also educational -- in a fun way!

Here are Susan's words regarding little ol' me!

Becky, I hope you don't mind-I borrowed your picture to design this award for you! Becky is just what her blog implies-"Just Being Me-Becky". She lives in Georgia and is a pre-school teacher. And it sounds like to me that her tiny students love her dearly. Becky writes frequently on her blog about everyday happenings around town and in her life. She shares great photos of the events and outings she attends. At Christmas, she attended a party and got some lovely pictures of the home where the party was hosted. Becky loves to experiment with her own home by decorating with "cents". And she does great tablescapes with great finds by shopping for bargains! Becky and her beautiful family spend a lot of time with friends and relatives camping and fixing yummy food. Her thoughts are unpredictable (I mean this in a good way!), and you never know what to expect from one post to the next. For example, I suppose my favorite post of Becky's, (because I have mentioned it before on my blog, and have talked about it to my co-workers) is her October 16, 2010 post titled, "Dust Bunnies-Friends or Foe". This is a most hilarious post, and also very informative, and, then, hilarious again! I laughed, and I learned from this post. Becky has even helped me figure out some things to put on my blog. When I ask her how she put an item on her blog, she sends me back a friendly answer and instructions right away-sometimes it takes me a while to turn the light on tho! Becky's link to her blog is on my sidebar (thank you Google for the sidebar post lists).

Becky, this award comes to you with gratitude and hugs!!!

It sure is fun to be appreciated! 
Thank you so VERY much for this award, Susan!
You TOTALLY made my day!!

Sending BIG ((HUGS)) to you, my friend!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day Tablescape


I said that I wasn't going to decorate for St. Patrick's Day, but..... I did. Just a little bit.

The green dishes were my grandmother's. I saw these glasses at Joey's when I was there on Monday. They didn't have the plates, tho. The white dishes (used as chargers, here) are from The Dollar Tree and I love them! I use them all the time! The white bowls are from Michael's. It's funny how Chester always seem to be a part of my tablescape photos!

I found this little friend at Jo Ann's, along with the coins. The shamrocks came from The Dollar Tree. I wanted to find a little black pot for the other side of the table and fill it full of more gold coins, but never did find one. Maybe next year!

He's so cute!

These beautiful Mum's are Miranda's. Rory gave them to her for Valentine's Day and they still look beautiful! I found this vase at Goodwill.

I'm linking into Tablescape Thursday on Between Naps on the Porch! Please join me there!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


While we were camping over the weekend, my friend told me about a fairly new Thrift Market that is in downtown Columbus. It is called Joey's. My friend has another friend that has a booth there and is making a good little paycheck at the end of the month just by selling what she and others, no longer want!

So, on Monday (before I got sick!), I decided to use up a little gas and drive down there. It is in an old warehouse and there are LOTS of booths to wonder through! I even got a little lost as I tried to not miss any!

I was not sure what to expect... whether it would be mostly antiques, mostly "yard sale" type stuff, or just plain JUNK! It ended up being a big mixture of a little bit of everything, which was ok. I didn't really have any money to spend, but knew that I could spend a little if I found something that I just HAD to have.

I love dishes, glassware and antique furniture. So, those were the things that I mainly looked at. I kinda' skipped over the booths with toys, baby stuff, clothes & "junk". I also love books, but didn't spend the time looking through the many that I saw. Maybe next time.

I took a few photos of some things that I liked and thought I would share them with you.

I thought these dishes would be cute for summer! I wanted to buy them, but they had a price tag of $3.95 for EACH plate! I thought that was just a little high.

This was my favorite booth and I LOVED this white cabinet!! It was a reasonable $120. I think it would look wonderful in a bathroom or a kitchen. I don't have the room for it in either one of mine. I would love to make room for it in my office, tho! 

I would REALLY love to redo my master bedroom. I would love to replace my big, ugly, triple dresser for something like this antique one!! It was a reasonable price of $142!! It's not as big as the one that I have, but this one has two deep drawers. Most of my clothes are in my closet, anyway.

I would also love to replace my very outdated headboard (no footboard) with a beautiful iron bed! This one was pretty, but was only a queen - I have a king sized bed, right now - and it isn't exactly the style that I like. The price was VERY good, tho! It was $475 and included a not so pretty dresser that did not match at all! (I should have taken a picture of it, too!)

This IS a very pretty bed!

I'm looking for something more like these below. I grabbed the photos online.
I look foward to going back and looking around a bit more! I better save my pennies!! **Smile**

My Bug is Back!

Forgive me for not posting like I should, but my little bug friend is back!! --- Well, according to the doc... it's a new bug that's moved in! This bug is not quite as nasty as the last one, thankfully. I did take drastic measures yesterday and went to the doctor for defense!

My doc could tell that this bug was constricting my breathing, so she set me up with several prescriptions of meds --- Albuterol (inhaler), Prednisone (Steroid), & a strong cough syrup. Both the Albuterol & the Prednisone have side effects!! YIKES! Luckily, I am only going to be on both for a short time.

The yellow one is the one that I have.

Last evening, I experienced a horrible side effect of the Albuterol!! My heart started racing and my whole insides were shaking!!! It was a bit scary! I got out my paperwork from my meds and started reading. --- Yep. There it was! I was definitely experiencing a side effect. I did NOT like the feeling at all!! So, I got on Facebook and asked my FB friends (and family) if anyone else had experienced this while taking this medication. I got quite a few responses and ALL said that it was normal and not to worry. WHEW!!!

I have not taken any of my meds this morning. I'm a little nervous about taking it again, but I also know that I need to in order to knock this bug out!

I DO have another idea for a blog post. I will try and work on that this afternoon. Hope you all have a wonderful day! I am just praying that I survive these meds today!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Back to Reality

Our weekend of camping, was fun! We left on Thursday morning to enjoy a couple of days away at F.D. Roosevelt State Park. It is only 30 minutes away, but it feels like 100! We packed up and came home on Sunday morning, because I had to be at a luncheon at church.

Friday morning, before we left, I turned on my computer and the first thing that I saw on my MSN home page, was the news about the horrific earthquake and tsunami that had hit Japan. I shared the news with my family as they began to wake up, and as David and I packed the truck and camper with what we would need for our camping trip, I was glued to the news on TV in order to learn more about what had happened. By the time we were to leave, I didn't want to. I knew that once we left, I would be cut off from any internet and TV contact. -- No. I don't have a "smart phone". In times like this, I wish I did!

The wind was pretty strong on Friday, which made it feel a lot colder. I realized real quick, that I didn't bring enough warm clothes! Oops! We brought our bikes and went for a two mile bike ride thru the park with our friends. When we returned, my fingers were numb and my lips and face were chapped! The bike ride as great, tho! We mostly hung out around the campsite waiting for more friends to arrive.

The campfire felt good that night. It kept my front side warm, but until I went to bed... I didn't realize that my "back side" was like an ice cube!! Therefore, when I crawled into my bed, I could not go to sleep because I could not get warm!! It took me a while to go to sleep. The temps that night were in the mid 30's. Even with the heater on in the camper.. I was STILL COLD!

Saturday was a better day because it was much warmer!! No more wind and the sun was shining beautifully! David cooked us a wonderful breakfast and then later, we went over to Callaway Gardens for a bike ride. We rode for over 6 miles on the great bike trail that they have there!

By the time we got back to the campground, more friends had arrived to hang out with us and celebrate my friend's birthday which is this week. It was fun to sit around and chat with everyone, and of course.... eat some yummy food!

One of the couples that came to camp with us, I had never met before. They were "friends-of-friends", if you know what I mean. As we were talking to these new friends, I learned that he used to live in Atlanta -- which is where I grew up. I asked him where he used to live in Atlanta. He said.. "Norcross". I said, "Oh really! That's where we lived when we were first married." Then, he said that he worked for an insurance company up there. I also used to work for one, so I asked him which one and I was surprised to learn that he and I worked for the same one for almost the exact same time period!! (1983-1986) It was a very small company, so to meet someone that worked there, was really neat! We did not know each other because we worked opposite schedules, but it was quite interesting to be able to talk to someone that had the same connection to something that I did!

I am sorry that I do not have any photos to share. The opportunity didn't really arise. We had a fun time and I wasn't ready to come home.

Today, I am sitting here watching the news and learning more about the terrible disaster in Japan. My heart breaks for them. I will have to break myself away from the TV so that I can get some chores done, tho.

Blessings to you all and I will do my best to get caught up on my blog reading as soon as I can!

Friday, March 11, 2011

A Camping We Will Go

Yes. Today David and I are headed to our favorite, nearby, campground for a little "R&R" with some friends. I'll have to blog about our adventure when we return. Meanwhile.... here's an idea of what we will be doing....

Although, this isn't exactly the way that it will be. David can't sit still long enough to relax!! **Smile**
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

I also want to take a moment and remember the people of Japan that were impacted by the horrible earthquake that happened over there today. You will all be in my prayers.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, David!

Today is David's 19th
time turning 



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