This blog is basically just a collection of my "random thoughts". I must warn you, though. I have been told that "I write like I talk", so if you don't understand what you are reading... chances are, if you met me... I wouldn't make much sense to you! Feel free to comment if you care to. Or not. I'm good either way!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bucket List #52-54

#52 --- Swim with dolphins --- I know that you can do this at Sea World. I've seen it on TV. Dolphins are such interesting creatures. They seem so sweet, too! How fun would it be to hold onto a dolphin's fin and let it guide you through the water??!! Of course, you might not want to be holding on when it starts jumping out of the water and doing it's amazing tricks!!

#53 --- Spend Christmas at the beach - at least once --- Hubby has mentioned this to me before (a while back!), and I never wanted to do it because I used to think that "Christmas at the beach" wouldn't be like.... Christmas!! In other words... it would'nt "feel" like Christmas. This was also a conversation that we had back when the girls were little, and I didn't want to break away from out traditional "Christmas at home", doing things the same way, every year. But, now that my girls are older... I think it would be a fun thing to do! Instead of snow.. (which we never have at Christmas, anyway!).... we could have WHITE SAND!

#54 --- Visit the Mall of America and have money to spend --- I love to go shopping.... WHEN I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND!! (It's no fun, when you don't!) The Mall of America would be THE place to go, too!! It has FOUR levels!! I have also heard that it's like a THEME PARK! And I love theme parks! Maybe this could be on the list of places that I go to with my girls on one of our "Mother/Daughter Trips"! Hmmmm..... I like that idea!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Bucket List #49-51

#49 --- Visit Niagara Falls --- My mother-n-law went to Niagra Falls not too long ago, and showed us all of the pictures that she took. The Falls look incredible!! They even light them up at night! I didn't realize until she told us, but there are TWO sets of Falls! One on the U.S. side and one on the Canada side. Maybe if I go to Niagra Falls, I can go to the Canadian side too, and fulfill TWO things on my Bucket List at one time!

#50 --- Hold a baby tiger --- Tigers have always been my favorite "wild" animal. --- Although, I feel like I LIVE with two WILD ANIMALS!! They are such beautiful creatures!! Their babies are so adorable!! I would love to have the chance to hold one and maybe feed it a bottle!

#51 --- Visit the San Diego Zoo --- I have heard that this is the best zoo in the country! Although, I have visited the Washington National Zoo and thought it was really nice.  The closest BIG zoo to me, is The Atlanta Zoo. Growing up in Atlanta, I have been to that zoo many times, but have never been very impressed with it. There is a small zoo in Montgomery Alabama that is VERY nice for it's size. I've taken my girls there a few times. I love animals and would love to have the chance to go to the San Diego Zoo, as well. Maybe I can get to hold a baby tiger, if I go!

Chester's New Trick

Since we got our new puppy (Chester), Jackson (our 8 year old Golden) has been ANNOYED by him, as you can imagine! It's like a 56 year old man having a toddler thrown into his nice, peaceful life! Chester loves to chase Jackson!! He bites him all over and will bite and then HANG ONTO Jackson's tail! As you can probably assume.... Jackson can only handle this for so long! His "safe spot" has always been my bed, because Chester wasn't big enough to jump up there.

WELL.......... This morning, "The Little One" finally made his way up onto the bed!! I was in my office and heard the two of them "squabbling" like I usually do. My girls were still asleep, so I decided that I better go "shush" the boys so they wouldn't wake the girls.

When I got to my doorway, I discovered the two of them doing their normal "squabbling" --- which means Chester biting & attacking Jackson and Jackson retaliating by barking and growling and trying to avoid Chester's bites!! --- but, this time..... They were BOTH ON MY BED!!! So, the days of Jackson having a safe place to get away from Chester when he is in one of his "moods", are over. ~ Poor Jackson! ~ And the days of me having NO dogs in my bed are over, too! ~ Poor ME!!

Right now, I am remembering that 1980 movie starring Goldie Hawn and Chevy Chase --- "Seems Like Old Times". I don't remember the whole plot to the movie, but I DO remember her always in bed with a whole heard of dogs!! That'll be me in a few years!! ---- NOT!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Visit With My Mom

I went to visit my mom today, at the nursing home. I go once a week, at least. This summer, since I am not working, I have been going in the late morning, before she goes to lunch. But, lately.... she has been more interested in getting in the dining room early in order to get a place at the table that she wants to sit at.

Today, I decided to go by there AFTER lunch. I didn't arrive there until after 12:30pm, and I expected her to be in her bed... lying down... as she is in the habit of doing after lunch. But, suprisingly... I found her sitting in her wheelchair, with her glasses on (a rarity!), reading the book that I had bought her. I also noticed as I entered the room that she had MAKE-UP ON!! This is something that I haven't seen her do in quite a while! She looked so good, I just had to take a picture of her!

I brought her a McDonald's fruit smoothie (YUM! By the way!), which she seemed to enjoy. I didn't make any big deal out of her NOT being in her bed, but I praised her for how good she looked! I think she liked that.

For those of you that don't know my mom's story.... she had a stroke back in November of 2005. She bounced back pretty good for a little while after the stroke, but then developed Congestive Heart Failure in April of last year, and has lost a lot of strength since then. She used to be able to walk pretty good, with a walker. But, now.... she can't walk but a few steps without having to sit down. So, she pretty much stays in her wheelchair in order to get around.

I miss my mom -- the mom that I used to have. She's there, but then again... she's not.

Bucket List #46-48

#46 --- Attend a NASCAR race and watch from the stands --- I already wrote about wanting to watch a race from the infield on top of a camper, but I would also love to go to a race and watch it from the stands! Yes, I know that it would be crowded. But, I don't mind crowds. Hubby is the one that doesn't like them! Dtr. #1 isn't too thrilled with them, either! I just want to go to a race and experience it... LIVE!

#47 --- Go on a yearly mother/daughter retreat --- I can think of SO MANY places that the girls and I could go to! I already mentioned one of them.... The Country Music Festival in Nashville! But, there are others. We would pick places that Hubby has no interest in going to that way he wouldn't feel so left out!

#48 --- Fly first class at least once --- I am not a "frequent flyer" and when I have been on a plane, it has always been "coach", because of the cost! What's even worse is flying "stand by"!! NOT FUN!! You don't know until the last minute if you are going to have a seat on the plane!! This is very nerve-racking! So, I would love to have the experience of flying FIRST CLASS, at least once in my lifetime!

Yesterday Was a Wake Up Call!

Yesterday, I started my day off the same way that I always do. Since it's summer, my alarm clock is not set... so I awoke to the sound of Chester (my 4 mo. old puppy) whining in my bathroom, where we have him blocked in. He usually wakes between 5:00 and 6:00am, which is fine. I like getting up early, thank goodness!

I get up and head to the kitchen so that the pups can have their breakfast. They eat before I do!! Yesterday was different, tho. As I walked past the kitchen counter, I noticed a note that one of my girls left for me. I figured it was a note saying... "Please don't wake me! Let me sleep!" .... or something to that effect, because they had spent the day at Six Flags with our church youth group and didn't get home until midnight. But.... nope! That's not what the note said.

The note said... "The Mason's (our friends) house was robbed yesterday!!" I had to stand there for a moment and process this!! I read it again and let it sink in! OH MY GOSH!! This is terrible! I wanted to wake my girls and find out what they knew, but knew that I better not!! So, I got on Facebook.... of course! It's the best place to gather info on the "happenings" of all your friends! I went to my friends' page. NOTHING! ... Then, I went to her daughter's page. BAM!! There it was..... "my house was broken into while i was gone today. laptop, ipod, camera..all gone." I read thru the comments that she and other's had posted, and learned that it happened during the day while she and her brother were at Six Flags and mom and dad were at work. The thieves broke in thru the back door, after they cut the wires for the alarm system! The thieves stole all the electronic devices and anything else of value. They even used my friends' bedsheets and pillow cases to get the stuff out of the house! -------- Where were the neighbors???? Didn't they see anything weird going on???

I later learned that there were 5 home burglaries in that same area yesterday!  I watched the news to see if they told anything. NOTHING! -- But, they did announce where there would be police roadblocks for license checks!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

THIS was A WAKE UP CALL for my family and I!! We are now frantically thinking about how we can make our home safer and how we can protect our belongings.... and our lives!

I am in the process of taking INVENTORY of everything valuable that we have! Photos and documentation. Hubby wants the girls and I to take lessons on how to shoot a gun, too! I have always been "freaked out" by guns, but I am coming around to the idea that it is necessary to learn to use one in today's world!

We will also no longer "announce" our daily plans, or our vactions on Facebook or any other social networking sites.

Can I move my family to Mayberry?? The only criminal they had to deal with was ERNEST T. BASS and all he really did was throw rocks thru windows!! Then, there was the "moonshiner's", but they were only interested in protecting their "still"!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bucket List #43-45

#43 --- Build a patio in our backyard --- This seems like a simple task and you probably wonder why it's even on my list, but it kinda' goes along with #42 - Make my yard something that I can enjoy looking at. - When we built our house, it had a cement "patio". Then, we added a pool which has a narrow cement area around it. We used the patio area for our grilling, sitting and eating purposes. Then, Hubby built a wonderful screened porch over our patio! Which we all love!! But, now our grill is taking up space on our "narrow" cement area and we don't have a lot of room to entertain by the pool. So.... I would love to build a beautiful stone patio that would extend and make our area by our pool larger. Of course, this photo below would be the ULTIMATE added patio!! LOL

#44 --- Ride or drive a snow mobile --- Hopefully, when I go somewhere to see that BIG SNOW - (#30), I can get to do this, too!! Since I obviously have not seen any big snows, then... I haven't done this!

#45 --- Go on a cruise with Hubby --- I have been on a cruise once, but Hubby has not. Mine was my High School Graduation Cruise. It was a LOT of fun and something that I'll never forget! We cruised to the Bahamas on that one. Hubby and I talk about going on a cruise, but our problem is WHERE to go and FOR HOW LONG?? There are so many choices!! Some that peek my interest are.... A Caribbean Cruise, an Alaskan Cruise, a Norweigan Cruise, and a European Cruise. --- Ok. I think that covers just about all of them! LOL

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bucket List #40-42

#40 --- Visit New England in the fall --- I've never been to New England. The fartherest north that I have ever been is Pennsylvania. Hubby is from Philadelphia. I'm not sure exactly WHERE I want to go in New England, but I know that I would like to go in the Fall! It looks so pretty!

#41 --- Visit Hollywood California --- I only want to go to Hollywood so that I can do all of the "touristy" (is that a word??) things. Theres.... Grauman's Chinese Theatre, The Stars Walk of Fame, The Hollywood Sign, Universal Studios, and of course what Hollyood visit wouldn't be complete without a Hollywood Tour of Stars Homes!!

#42 --- Make my yard something I can enjoy looking at --- My yard is "getting there"... very slowly! I want luscuious (?) grass to sink my toes in and beautiful flowers to gaze at. This photo was taken at Callaway Gardens (near my home) back in the Spring. I know I've posted it before in one of my blog entries.... but, it deserves another post!

Whew!!!! Glad that's done!

I hate to admit it.... but, I just spent all morning REDESIGNING my blog! What I won't tell you is.... how long all morning was! Forgive me for all the changes, but because my background host had problems, it caused me to have background problems, too! While the host -- CUTEST BLOG ON THE BLOCK -- was getting their problems fixed, I uploaded one of the simple versions of BLOGGER backgrounds. If you are a loyal follwer of my blog ... THANK YOU!!, by the way!! .... then, you could probably tell that I wasn't too happy with it. I like things to be FUN & COLORFUL because that is my personality - At least that's what I think it is!

Anyway.... after a whole lot of frustration.... I now finally have a blog that I am happy with! Hope you are, too! I apologize to those of you that liked the "simpler" version better. Hope you'll continue to stick with me!

Now, I am off to actually get things done!! --- Oh wait!! First I have to blog, one more time!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bucket List #37-39

#37 --- Visit Nashville again with Hubby, stay downtown and check out the nightlife --- We went, as a family, to Nashville back in April of 2005. We stayed near the Grand Ole Opry, but not downtown. We went to the Grand Ole Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Opryland Hotel, and walked around downtown Nashville... in the daytime. We also took a tour of Country Music Stars homes! That was a blast for the girls and I, but poor Hubby didn't enjoy it so much. His motion sickness got the best of him!! -- NOT GOOD! All in all, it was a great trip... but, I would love to go back with just Hubby and stay in the downtown area and check out the nightlife there, like "Tootsie's"!!! Maybe we'd get lucky and someone famous would just walk in and start singing! I hear that stars do that all the time!

#38 --- Visit Las Vegas and ride the roller coaster on top of the building --- I have always heard so many people say that Las Vegas is an awesome place to visit whether you gamble or not. (We don't!) I want to go not only to check it out and see the sights, but I want to ride the roller coaster that is on top of one of the buildings there! It is on top of the "Stratosphere". I LOVE rollercoasters and I'm not really afraid of hights. So, for me, this would be the ultimate rollercoaster to ride! I've posted two photos here. Check them out!

#39 --- Ride a zip-line across a beautiful countryside --- Like I said before... I am not afraid of heights, so as long as I was strapped in real good... I think this would be a blast!! I want to do it over a beautiful area, tho. Hawaii would be a beautiful place to do it!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

WANTED: Money Tree

I don't know where you find them and I've never seen one, but I know that they MUST exist because so many people seem to have them!! I need one in order to fulfill all of Dtr. #2's wishes and dreams. Every day there is something new that she wants to do or a place that she wants to go! Recently... she has started asking BEGGING to go to London, England! She talks about it ALL the time!! Today.... she found out that she won tickets to the George Lopez show in ..... LOS ANGELES!!! She registered to win the tickets only because her love, ZAC EFRON, is going to be on his show. She didn't really expect to win, but she did! HOORAY for her! -- (I guess)   --- 
*** NOTE: This is the same daughter that gave us the great PRESENTATION about going to Universal Studios in Orlando a few months ago, and... WE WENT!!***

Now, the problem with this situation revolves around two facts:

#1 --- We live in GEORGIA!!! And the cost of plane tickets out to L.A. are about $400 EACH! I wouldn't send her alone, so that bumps the cost for flying up to $800, at least! Then.... there would be other costs such as hotel, food, .... and whatever else. Ok.... So, now we are up to probably $1000, at least!


#2 --- The George Lopez show that she has tickets for is for.... THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!! August 4th!

Somehow.... I don't think that this is going to happen! But, we can't convince her of this! So... back to my original thought....

WANTED: Money Tree --- Slightly used, is fine. But, must be in good condition.

Bucket List #34-36

#34 --- Attend another Falcons game --- The Atlanta Falcons are MY football team. They have been for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching the Falcons and the Braves with my Daddy. What I know about both games, I learned from him. Although I went to many Braves games with my Daddy, I never really developed a love for baseball. I enjoy football so much more! I never went to a Falcon's game with my Daddy. The only Falcon's game that I ever went to was with a guy that went to the same church that I did. I didn't even really "like" the guy, but I wasn't going to say NO to an invite to go to a Falcon's game! --- So, all that being said.... I would love to go to another game someday!

#35 --- Attend a UGA game --- My Daddy loved the Georgia Bulldogs, too. We didn't watch them on TV, tho. We would listen to them on the radio. This would mostly happen when we were traveling back to Atlanta from Columbus, GA on Sunday afternoons after visiting my grandparents. I didn't really continue following the "DAWG'S" much after my dad died, back in 1983. It wasn't until Hubby & I moved our family south to West Central Georgia in 1998, that I started following and watching the Georiga Bulldogs again. This area of Georgia seems to be the COLLEGE FOOTBALL CAPITOL of the state!! You hardly ever run into someone that ISN"T a college football fan! Most are either UGA fans, AUBURN fans, or ALABAMA Fans. Because I am from Georgia and grew up "listening" to the DAWGS on the radio.... I am and ALWAYS WILL BE.... a GEORGIA BULLDOG FAN! -- Despite Dtr. # 2's love for Auburn! Hahaa! Now, I just wanna' go to a game!


#36 --- Attend a NASCAR race and watch from the infield on top of a camper --- I am not sure where or when I developed a love for Nascar Racing. That is one thing that I didn't get from my Daddy! Although, I guess I did get my love of cars from him. But, I have always loved cars & racecars for as long as I can remember. I guess that's how I started watching Nascar. As much as I love the sport (Yes! It IS a sport!)... I have never been to a race. Hubby & I have been to the "qualifying" several times thru the company that he works for, but unfortunately.... they don't offer that "perk" anymore. Most race tracks have an area in the "infield" where you can bring a camper or motorhome and park it there to watch the race. I think it would be SO MUCH FUN to do this! I would want to watch the race from the top of a motorhome, that way you can see all (or at least... most of!) the track.


College Pool Party

What a great time we had at the Pool Party! We had 9 students come and all seemed to have a great time! Hubby cooked hamburgers and hot dogs. Everyone brought something to go with that. We had PLENTY of food! (I should've taken a picture of it!) ~ Dtr. #2 came up with the idea to play BASEBALL in the pool! It turned out to be a great idea and everyone had a blast! Here are some pics of the party ~~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bucket List #31-33

#31 --- Stay at a ski lodge with a huge picture window and a big fireplace --- This kinda' goes along with #30. But, with this one... I would stay in a big, beautiful ski "lodge". A resort kind of place. (Hubby would be with me, of course!) I would sit next to the big picture window and watch the skiier's come down the mountain. It would be fun and beautiful! ~ Coming up on my list will be "try snow skiing" - something that I've never tried before!

#32 --- Attend another Jimmy Buffet concert --- Yes.... I am a PARROT HEAD!! Hubby and I have been to one (maybe two) of his concerts when we lived in Atlanta and were "younger". It was a BLAST! Since then, I haven't been able to get him to go to another one. Of course, getting tickets is always a hard thing to do because they sell out so quick! But... my philosophy is..... if you don't TRY, then you will never know!!! ~ I had never heard of Jimmy Buffet until I met Hubby and his family. I'm not sure if Hubby was a big fan or if it was his dad that was. I can still hear Hubby's dad singing ---- "Son of a Son of a Sailor".  Sometimes, I really miss my father-n-law.

#33 --- Stay at a Sandals resort again --- Oh, how I would LOVE to do this again!!!! Hubby and I went to the one in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He surprised me on our 5th wedding anniversary, with this trip! Since we never went on a honeymoon, this was going to be our honeymoon! YAY! We had such a wonderful time! I have always wanted to go to one of the "other" Sandals resorts that they have. The one in St. Lucia (below) is the one that I have my eyes on right now! But, hey.... I'd settle for ANY of them! They are all beautiful!!

Puppy in the Garden

Hubby planted a vegetable garden back in the Spring. It started out doing really well because we had a good bit of rain then and at the beginning of the summer. Lately, we haven't had much rain and the garden hasn't done so well. But.... we are still getting some veggies - like... a few tomatoes, some squash and beans.

You would think that the rabbits that we see all the time in our yard would have gotten in our garden by now, but we haven't seen any evidence of that --- which is good!!

Well.... I have now learned that it's not the rabbits that we have to worry about, it's our 4 month old PUPPY!!! Dtr. #2 caught Chester in the garden yesterday, eating tomatoes! This morning, I let both he and Jackson out, and Chester wouldn't come back in because he was in the garden having himself a BIG TIME!! I would have loved to have taken a picture, but it was still very dark outside when this happened.

I had to put up a little fence around my flower garden because he was eating my flowers, too!! They look so sad now! 

Below is a photo of what's left of my "Plantain Hosta Lily"!

This WAS my "Stella de oro Daylily".

This is how my garden USED to look! ~ Thanks, Chester!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bucket List #28-30

#28 --- Go on a road trip with no predetermined destination --- I can just imagine myself (probably NOT by myself!) hoping into my car with bags packed, a wallet full of cash (or my debit card!), and a full tank of gas.... headed out onto the open road with no destination in mind. I'll just start driving (knowing me... it will be towards the coast!) and when I feel like stopping... I will! Then, if I want to spend the night... I will! And if I get up in the morning and want to drive some more... I will! Who knows where I might end up!

#29 --- Visit San Francisco and have plenty of time to see everything --- I have always wanted to go to this city! It looks so beautiful on TV and in pictures! There's the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Ghirardeli Square, the cable cars, Lombard Street, and.... I'm sure a bunch more!

#30 --- See a huge snow! --- I have never seen more than 7 inches of snow. Yes, I know. It's sad. But, growing up in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA and now living in West Central Georgia.... we don't see a whole lot of that pretty white stuff! I would love to go out west somewhere, like Colorado or Wyoming and see a BIG SNOW! I see myself inside of a lodge or cabin, with a huge fireplace and a BIG picture window where I can sit all day and just stare out at the beauty of it all!

Pool Party Preperation

Okay... I am sure that you are probably getting tired of only reading my "Bucket List" entries. So.... even though I'M HAVING FUN writing about them.... I will try to include some "other" entries as well!

Today, I will be preparing for a Pool Party at my house tomorrow. I lead the College & Career Class at my church on Sunday's and I have invited the "young people" -- (Can't really call them "kids" anymore!) -- to my house for a Pool Party and cookout. It should be fun and it should be different than having a bunch of "kids" or "teens" running around the pool, like we've done in the past. These "young people" will be very mature in their fun, I'm sure. ----- Ya, right!! Who am I kidding????? It should be interesting!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bucket List #25-27

I am feeling a little guilty about my Bucket List this morning. There are so many things that I want to do before I "Kick the Bucket", but as you can see.... most of them require the almighty dollar (actually a LOT of them!!!) and we our family doesn't have the kind of money that some of my Bucket List items will need. So, bare with me as I continue sharing my list and know that I DO realize that most of these things WILL require lots of $$, but also know that these things are mostly just things that I dream of doing and I know that most of them will never really happen.

#25 --- See a tornado from a safe distance --- You probably think I'm crazy for wanting to do this!! But... although I am TERRIFIED of them, I also find them fascinating at the same time! I saw on TV just the other night where you can sign up for a vacation to travel with "storm chasers" as they travel around the mid-west chasing tornadoes! It's highly expensive, and you would travel in a van full of strangers for 10 days only stopping when you see a storm. They said that they cover about 600 miles a day!! But.... wouldn't it be neat to get up close and personal with a tornado! WOW! --- As long as I knew that I would be safe, that is!

#26 --- Parasail --- I would love to do this with a friend or family member! My ultimate dream would be to do this somewhere in the caribbean, but hey.... I'll be glad to do it at Panama City Beach, too!

#27 --- Ride in a hot air balloon --- I have wanted to do this for as long as I can remember!! It just looks so peaceful and you would get to see so much from up there! Of course, I would go with an expert! Hot air ballons are so beautiful, too!



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