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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 23

Today, I am thankful that I am no longer a teenager, living with my mom. I know this is a weird thing to be thankful for, but after the conversation that I had with my mom today, it is something that has been strong on my mind, ever since.

Many of you know that my dad died when I was a young, eighteen years old. I thank God that David was in my life at the time, because my mom and I did not have a close relationship. The only place that I wanted to be was with him, so I didn't spend much time at home. This didn't help my relationship with my mom, of course.

David and I were married when I was 20. The two years in-between our marriage and my father's death, were a rough couple of years, to say the least. I look back now and realize that my mom really needed me to be there for her. But, at the time (and being so young)... I was only interested in "me" and what was going on in "my life".

Today.... I was talking to my mom about my daughter, Miranda, who is 19 years old (the age I was during those "rough" years that I had!). I was telling her that Miranda made it safely to Arizona, when my mom decided to bring up the subject of ME when I was that age!! And believe me, this is NOT a good subject for her and I to talk about (BAD memories!!), so I stopped her before she went any further and told her so. Believe it or not.... she then tried to talk to me about one of my old boyfriends that I dated BEFORE David!! She actually said...."I wonder what ever happened to him?" YIKES!!!! I cut her off on that subject, too!!!

When I went to go visit my mom at the nursing home today, I had no idea that I would be taken down a not-so-fun memory lane! I am thankful that my mom still has such a wonderful memory after having her stroke 5 years ago, but today..... she chose memories that I had no desire to remember.

Here's a couple of pictures of me at age 18 and David at age 20.

Sorry for the depressing post. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a more joyful one!


  1. Well Becky, that wasn't such a good visit to your mum then, was it? That was very young for you to lose your dad, and I'm sorry for that. I just think that you are so lucky, having found your real soul-mate in David.

  2. Thank you, Sweetie. ~ Yes, David and my girls are the reason my heart beats. I truly believe that David (along with my girls) was a gift from God, to me! ~ I'll get pics posted soon!

  3. Great photoes. You haven't changed a bit!! Hugs.

  4. Awwwww... you are too kind! :)

  5. I'm thankful not to be a teenager tooooo haha. Love the photos.

    Sorry your visit with your mom didn't go so well. :( Don't let it get you down though. The past cannot be changed but thankfully we have the present and the future and it seems like you are working at having a relationship with your mom now. :) She should be thankful for that.

  6. Thank you for your kind words, Laura. Unfortunately, my relationship with her has had it's ups and downs throughout my life. These days, I never know whether it's going to be an UP day or a DOWN day! :)



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