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Thursday, November 18, 2010

And the Blog Awards go to....

Yesterday, I was blessed with this award --

According to the rules of this award... The FIRST thing that I must do is to pass this award along to 3 blogging friends that I feel deserve such a "sweet" award. It's a difficult choice, because I read and follow so many "sweet" and wonderful blogs!! But, I have given it some thought and have chosen 3 sweet people who have often commented on my blog and said some very "sweet" things. (I thank you for that!!)

The first sweet friend that I have chosen is --- drum roll, please..... Susan over at Kard Corner Krib. I love Susan's style of writing and how she is constantly adding new pictures and info to her blog. There is always something new to look at and read! She has also commented on my blog many times and is always so very "sweet". 

The second sweet friend is Evy over at Yes They Are All Mine. Evy is such a "sweet" lady and I love reading about her family and her life. I have been praying for Evy's mother who has been ill, to which I can relate to, being that my mother is not well, either. Evy has also commented on my blog several times and said some very "sweet" things.

And the third sweet friend is Heather over at Mrs. C's Life. Heather is a newlywed and I love reading about her young married life. She blogs about yummy recipes that she is trying out and other fun stuff! Heather is so very "sweet" and often comments on my blog. I appreciate that!

The SECOND thing that I must do, upon receiving this award, is to name 5 indulgences that I enjoy!! So.... I've given this some thought and I came up with a list. It was harder than I thought!!

1) STARBUCK'S COFFEE - I don't get it very often, but I really enjoy their "Tall, Skinny, Vanilla, Latte'".

2) BIKING AT CALLAWAY GARDENS - I don't do this as often as I would like to, but I truly enjoy cruising the bike trails there! I usually make a morning of it and stop along the way (several times!) and enjoy the beauty that surrounds me.

3) CHILL YOGURT SHOP - This is a little shop that opened in town this past summer. They have the most delicious flavors of frozen yogurts!! Many of them are "non-fat" and "low-fat". It is a fun place to go for a yummy treat!

4) McDONALD'S CARAMEL FRAPPE' - This is a frozen coffee treat that's yummy!! I don't normally don't like frozen coffee drinks, but one week... McDonald's was having a sale on their Frappe's, so I decided to try the caramel one. It sounded good... and it WAS!!!

5) SITTING BY THE CAMPFIRE - This is my favorite thing to do when we go camping! I love all things about it --- sitting talking to friends, cuddling up to David, reading a good book (or magazine), or roasting marshmallows and making smore's. It's all fun and relaxing!


  1. Me again! Well, I think yours are certainly everyday indulgences, and very nice they are too. Perhaps I got a bit too carried away with mine - LOL!! x

  2. Thank you Becky for thinking of me:) Also for your prayers for my mother. It is so amazing how many people care and are praying for her.
    I have not had the time to visit for a long time so I think I better go back a few blogs and catch up:) I used to love to climb Kennesaw Mountain. I either did that every day or I would go down and walk the Chattahoochee trail in Marietta. Thanks again for your kind words and thoughts.

  3. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. To each, their blogs maybe something they write and never expect anyone to ever read, or to others their blogs are out right a warm welcomed touch from a stranger soon to become friend. Thank you for being that friend. Thank you so much for reading my little life’s journeys and moments of venerability. The award touches my heart. I’d give you the award back, as your also in my top three favorite weekly reads; so know that you’d have two of those for sure! Thanks again Becky!!!

  4. Becky, thank you so much for this touching award. I'm glad to know that there are many of us who inspire each other, mainly because we are caring human beings. And I'm blessed to have found that through you and also your friends who write to you. You keep those stories coming at a fast pace girl! I still loved your story on dust bunnies! I think of you whenever I see any! Hah Hah! Thank you again-Sweets to the Sweet!



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