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Monday, November 8, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 8

Today, I am thankful for the home that God has provided for me and my family. So often, I forget just how fortunate I am to HAVE a home, when so many others do not. It may not be the home of my dreams, but I am happy that I have one.

David and I have been blessed, for many years, to have a home of our own.

We purchased our first home a year after we were married, in April of 1986. It wasn't a huge home, but it was new and we loved it!

We lived in this house until April of 1989, when we bought our second home.

By looking at these two pictures, you would think that it snows a LOT in Atlanta, but it really doesn't! LOL!

We fell in love with this house the minute that we drove by it! We happily lived in this house for 9 years. The only reason that we moved was so that David could get better working hours with the company that he works for. In order to do that, we had to move OUT OF Atlanta.

We still miss this house and talk about it often. The neighborhood was great and we had wonderful neighbors that we still miss very much.

The move from Atlanta, in March of 1988, brought us to the Columbus, GA area. We ended up buying a 2.25 acre lot in a newly developing subdivision just outside of Columbus. We "thought" that we would be able to afford to build a house like this....

but, we quickly learned that the housing prices were a good bit more than we expected! So... we changed our thoughts, and settled for what we could afford and ended up with this house that we live in now.

We have lived here for almost 11 years -- which blows my mind!!! Time has just flown by!! Our girls have grown from being little "girls" into young "women". We have been happy here, but still talk about our previous house and how much we miss it.

Ashley & Miranda

Miranda & Ashley

But, like I said before..... I am just thankful that we have a home to call our own. Thank you, Lord!


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  2. All the houses look lovely Becky. I really liked the look of the first one. They all look SO big compared to the normal ones we have here in the U.K. I suppose it is because you have so much more land over there in America!

  3. Thank you! I envy your garden :)

  4. All of your homes are gorgeous! Even the one you didn't get to build! And I feel the same way...we have a very small home right now-but we're thankful that it is one can afford. We hope to have a bigger one in a few years. Love your snow!



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