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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 10

Today, I am thankful for Facebook. Through it, I have reconnected with friends from my past and family that I haven't seen or heard from in a long time. I have also even made some new friends through it!

I first joined Facebook when my girls were young teens and had joined the site. As any good mom would do, I joined so that I could keep a watchful eye on the people that they connected with. My girls knew that I was doing this and were, thankfully, fine with me being part of "their world".

At first, my only "friends" were my girls and their "friends", but as time went by... many of my own REAL friends began to join and now I have almost 300 "friends".

The most amazing thing to me is how I have established NEW and wonderful friendships with people that I "knew of" in high school, but weren't really friends with. Most of them are still in the Atlanta area, where I grew up.

Since our reconnection on Facebook, there have been many high school "reunions" and get-together's with my classmates. I have been to a couple of them and have had a blast each time! These "reunions" aren't your typical reunions, though. ---You know... the kind that are located at some hotel's ballroom. The kind where everyone dresses up and wears a name tag and still hangs out in whatever clique that they were in back in high school. Remember that kind of reunion??? Well... these reunions are not like that at all! These are set up through Facebook and everyone meets at a restaurant or bar, or even someone's house. Just this past September, a group of my classmates even went on a short cruise together! (I hate that I missed that one!)

I am excited that there is "girl's event" coming up next month! I plan on attending that one! (That will be a blog post, I'm sure!)

Here are a few photos of some "reunions" with some of my classmates ---

This reunion was at Gordon Biersch in downtown Atlanta.
(I'm on the right.)
August 2009

Here I am with my friend, Georgia and another friend, Darlene. 

 Here I am at a get-together at a class-mate's house. We had a great time!
January 2010

That same evening, several of us met for dinner and some more fun!

This is my friend, Linda. She and I met in elementary school and had not seen each other since the 6th grade! She and her family moved to the U.S. from Vietnam and I was her very first friend that she made when she moved here! She hardly spoke any English, but we were fast friends. She now lives in Texas and had come to Georgia to visit her family. We got together and had lunch one day. It was SO wonderful to get to see her again!! I hope to travel to Texas someday and visit her out there.

Thanks Facebook, for helping me reconnect and stay connected to so many wonderful friends!!

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