This blog is basically just a collection of my "random thoughts". I must warn you, though. I have been told that "I write like I talk", so if you don't understand what you are reading... chances are, if you met me... I wouldn't make much sense to you! Feel free to comment if you care to. Or not. I'm good either way!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Busy Month of May

Hello. Remember me??

I am the blogger that promised to write every day and has not. I hope you can forgive me! My only excuse is that the month of May has been a busy one and blogging got rotated to the bottom of the priority list! I am a "routine" kind of person and my routine is TOTALLY OFF right now!! And has been for weeks!!

At the beginning of May I was in search of a new job. I was busy working on my resume', making phone calls, visiting other preschools, and going on interviews. Thankfully, I found a new job rather quickly and will begin it in August.

During the middle of May, I was busy winding down the school year at my previous job. I was in charge of making the "Memory Books" for each student, so I was busy trying to finish those so that they would be ready to go home on the last day. There was also the task of packing up the classroom and cleaning everything.

Miranda's birthday was on May 21st. She and I had a wonderful day in Atlanta!

On May 24th, I traveled back to Atlanta with David and a group of friends to attend the Jimmy Buffet concert there! What a BLAST that was!! --- I owe you all a post about that and pictures!

David has had a lot of vacation time left over to take before the end of May, so he has been home a LOT! He has been working in our yard quite a bit and I can now say that I ENJOY HANGING OUT IN MY BACK YARD! Wahooo!!!! --- I owe ya'll pictures of it, as well! I am quite proud of how it looks!

We have also been busy sprucing up the inside of our house a bit! I was on the hunt for a new duvet cover for my bed and a new "look". I finally settled on a white duvet cover so that I can easily change the "look" by swapping out the sheets, bed skirt, shams and throw pillows. Now, if I can just keep my silly dogs OFF my bed!!

I also have a new tablescape to share with you!! I went "thrifting", as I call it and found LOTS of goodies!! Part of what I found was for my June tablescape!! I love it and can't wait to share it with you!!

While I have been absent from my blog..... I discovered that I have been given a few AWARDS!! My friends, you are too kind! I don't know that I deserve them after being "absent" so much lately! I will post about them soon. I PROMISE!! 

We will be leaving for the beach in a few days, so I will be "absent" again! But.... hopefully, I can get into a routine after that because we have NOTHING planned for the rest of the summer!

As I said before... I owe you several blog posts! That is something that I will begin working on as soon as I can. Right now... it is 7:00am and I already hear David out in the back yard watering the plants and cleaning up after our fun pool-side day, yesterday! I guess I better go and help him!!

Toodles for now ~

Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Arrives With a Birthday!

WOW!! I can't believe that it has been so long since I have blogged!! I honestly don't have a good reason for not keeping up with my blogging OR my reading of blogs. I guess I can only blame it on good 'ol "life" getting in the way! I am not sure why.... but, this month has been EXTREMELY busy!

I guess between it being the last month of school and then my deciding that it would be best if I quit my job and look for another one... time got away from me and I have not had blogging on my brain as much as I usually do!

When you are a teacher, you consider the day after school ends as the first day of Summer. So.... for me.... it is officially SUMMER!!!

This past Saturday was my baby girl's (Miranda) 20th birthday!! She has been asking begging for months to go to Atlanta and see "The Bodies Exhibition". So, I told her that I would take her for her birthday. She also asked to go to Lenox Square Mall and go shopping. -- I'm not sure why. We couldn't afford a thing! LOL! But, we had fun looking and "hob-nobbing" with those that can afford $500 purses. **Smile**

The Bodies Exhibit is at a place called Atlantic Station. I mentioned it in a previous blog post when David and I visited Atlanta a few months ago. When David and I went.... it was like a ghost town! So, I was surprised to find it bustling with people while Miranda and I were there! We had a great time!

The Bodies was VERY interesting!! Who knew that I would actually enjoy looking at dead bodies!! LOL!! Miranda is a pre-nursing student (she should find out soon if she makes it into the nursing program!! Keep your fingers crossed!!!) and for her Spring semester at school, she took Anatomy 1 & 2. She so enjoyed seeing these "bodies" and explaining all the parts to me! I learned a lot from her and was so proud of her and her knowledge that she now has.

We spent about an hour and a half touring the exhibit. After, it was time for lunch. She chose California Pizza Kitchen. Miranda chose the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Pizza. The pizza was SO GOOD!! I highly recommend it! We enjoyed our pizza while sitting on the patio and watching the people (Yes! PEOPLE!!) walk by. There was even a street magician doing magic tricks nearby.

After lunch, we walked around for a bit and then had our dessert at Cold Stone Creamery!! YUM!!!!!!!! This was SO not on my diet, but it was delicious!!!

Next, I really wanted to take her to the Ikea store because... #1 - I knew that she would love it!... and #2 - I love it!! **Smile**

I was right! She loved it! She bought a wire picture hanging "thingy" with clips to hang her photographs on her bedroom wall. (Sorry...Don't know how else to describe it!) I bought a blanket to drape across the end of my bed. It is navy blue. Unfortunately... I have learned that it is NOT the best color to use when you have two long-haired doggies, tho! **Oops!** Oh well.

We hurried home after "touring" Ikea so that we could be home in time for the "rapture". --- If you have no idea what I am talking about... let me know! -- We got safely home about 6:10pm. Whew!

No. I didn't take any pictures during our trip. I know that I should have, and I wish that I had. Miranda seems to think that I am a little too "camera happy", so I decided that I woud give her a break with the camera for her birthday!

My next adventure is tomorrow!!!! David and I will be traveling to Atlanta again with some friends to see JIMMY BUFFET in concert!!!! WAHOOO!! We will be traveling in a friends motorhome and tail-gating all day before the concert! It should be a BLAST!!! And yes..... I WILL take pictures!!! --- I promise!! **Smile**

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Only 3 More Days Left!

Yes. I only have 3 more days left at my current job. I have accepted the position at the other preschool. YAY!! I feel good about my decision, I am just a little sad about leaving "my" preschool, tho. But, I feel that God has laid out this new path for me and has new opportunities waiting for me to discover, so it's all good. **Smile**

PROS about the new job:
- I will be making TWICE the amount of money and will now be able to help David out with expenses that he has been struggling with.
- I will get paid twice a month instead of only once a month! Getting paid only once a month is hard. You have to make your paycheck last all month!
- I will get paid all year round instead of only the months that school is in session!

CONS about the new job:
- It is twice as far from my home. I was driving only 9 miles to work and it only took me 15 mins to get there. Now, I will be driving 18 miles and it will take me 25 mins to get there!
- I will be working 5 days a week instead of 3.
- I still will not be "teaching". I will still be a teaching assistant. I was hoping to get a teaching postion, but at least I am getting my foot in the door in case there is a teaching position for next year.

But.... at least I have 11 weeks of Summer vacation to look foward to!! --- Too bad I'm not getting paid for it! **Smile**

Monday, May 16, 2011

Interview today!

I have an interview at another preschool this morning!!

I am trying my best to be calm about it and not be nervous. I am trying to put it into God's hands and not let the worry take over me.

This interview is NOT for a position that I really want, but I am going on it because... right now.... I can't turn anything down!!

I really want to TEACH preschool! And I really don't want to give up my 3 day, half-day, work week... but, I may have to.

The job that I am interviewing for is for a 5 day, half-day, teaching assistant position. I am sure that the pay will be better than what I am making right now, which is something that I need... but... I sure will miss those 4 day weekends!!

If they offer me the job, I think I may ask them to give me a few days to think about it so that I will hopefully have the chance to hear back from a few others that I have talked to and have given resume's to.

Interviewing for jobs is NOT my favorite thing to do!! The questions that they ask are what make me nervous! I get worried that I won't say the right thing in my answer.

I would appreciate any and all prayers this morning! My interview is at 9:30 EST.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Name Game

No.. I'm not going to ask you to play a game! **Smile**

I saw this article on my msn home page and thought it was interesting. The title of it is ---

Astravaganza?! When parents regret their kids' names -- By Susan Gregory Thomas

I found it quite interesting because I do wonder just why some parents choose the names that they do, for their kids!

My first name is Rebecca. I love my name! But, I am not called that because my mother wanted me to be called "Becky", and that's ok. The problem comes when I have to sign my name on legal documents. On most of those type things, I have to sign my name as "Rebecca". I get frustrated because I always have to check to see which name I am supposed to sign... "Rebecca" or "Becky"!


When I named my girls, I purposly chose NOT to give them names that would have a "nickname". I didn't want them to go thru the same confusion that I have to go thru at times. Ashley sometimes gets shortened to "Ash", but not by ME! David's step-mother used to call Ashley, "Ash" when she was a baby. I hated it!!!! Now, it doesn't bother me quite as much when other people call her that.

In high school, a few of Miranda's friends shortened her name to "Randy", but I didn't mind it too much. No one calls her that any more, now.

A lot of people choose family names for their children. My mother wanted to name me after my Great-Great Grandmother. Her name was Rebecca Ann. But, my Grandmother (my mom's mom) INSISTED that my middle name be her name!! So, my middle name is "Louise". Not quite as pretty as "Rebecca Ann". **Smile**

When it came time to choose names for my own children, I decided NOT to use family names because I did not want to hurt anyone's feelings by not choosing their names.

When I was pregnant with Ashley, I was working at a day care center. There was a little girl there who's name was "Ashley". This was in 1987. I had never heard it before and I loved it! I actually made a list of names that I liked and then I let David choose which one that he liked the best. The name "Ashley" was at the top of the list and I was happy that he chose this to be her name!


Now, it was time to choose a middle name. I had no idea what to choose! But, in the end... I went with the middle name of my "Adoption Doll". (Remember those??) Her name was "Beth Lanee'". I loved that name LANEE' (Sounds like Renee) and had never heard it before. So, Ashley was named -- Ashley Lanee'.

4 years later, we were pregnant again (Yay!) and back to choosing another name. I, of course, had a baby name book and would constantly cruise thru it searching for the perfect name. I came across the name "Miranda" and thought it was such a beautiful name! So, that is what we decided on.


Then, it was time to choose a middle name. After much thought... I (we) decided to name her after my childhood best friend. Her name was "Chrissy", but her real name was "Christine". So, Miranda was named -- Miranda Christine.

Back to the topic of the article above...

The article talks about how names have no meaning now and how parents are trying to come up with "original" names. They also are following the Hollywood trends of naming their children crazy names like... "Apple", just to get attention. Is this healthy for children, tho?? I don't think so. But... that's just my opinion.

Lately, I have also noticed a trend of parents choosing to have their children be called by BOTH of their names... such as... "John Michael" or "Gracie Marie" or "Emma Grace" or "John Lee". I used to not like this idea, but I have gotten used to it don't mind it so much. When I was little, tho.... when I was called by BOTH of my names..... I knew that I was in TROUBLE!!! ~ LOL!!

I would love to know the stories behind how you got your name!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Great Search

I am in search of a new duvet cover for my bed. I am ready for a change. Right now... I have a light blue one, similar to this... (my sheets are a gold color, tho)

I really want a "patterned" one this time. I went to Pottery Barn's site because I love their stuff! It is my "style". I wasn't sure that I could afford a duvet cover from Pottery Barn, but I figured that I would look anyway! **Smile**

I was surprised to find that they don't even have "comforters". They only have "duvet covers" or "coverlets".

I was also surprised to find one that I liked a lot and was also ON SALE!!!

Isn't it pretty??? The website listed it for $99, which included the duvet cover and two shams!! A GREAT BARGAIN!! ..... Right??

Well.... when I went to order it, the page came up with a message that said.... "This product will not be available for deliver until after August 18th." -- WHAT???? I didn't understand this, so I called Pottery Barn and spoke to a representative. She said that this product was currently out of stock and that it would not be available until the August date. And...... they were already sold out of the ones that were ordered for August! Needless to say, I was quite disappointed!

So... the search began for a different duvet cover. Pottery Barn has other ones, but none that I liked as much as this one. The colors in this one are perfect for my house!

I have searched the internet and the stores, here in town and can not find anything THIS pretty and THIS reasonable! First of all... Duvet covers are VERY hard to find! And if I DO find them... they are either very plain (like the one that I have now) or they are very "contemporary" or are colors that won't work for me.

I did find these two options while searching the internet....

I found this first one on the Ralph Lauren website. This is the "Catalina Island" collection. I like the blue and white. I could add some green and red, easily.

This one is also Ralph Lauren. It is the "Lake House Herringbone" collection. Not as much blue with this one, but I like how they paired it with the red.

The problem with these two (above) is that they are a good bit higher in price than the one at Pottery Barn! I believe that Macy's sells Ralph Lauren. My plan is to see if they do, and then keep a watch out for them to go on sale!

Anyway.... this is just a "smidgen" of what I have been up to lately!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Quick Note

Hello, my friends ~

I apologize for being so "absent" over the past few days. I have been incredibly busy and have a lot on my mind, as well!

I hope all of you Mommies out there, had a wonderfully blessed Mother's Day! I know that I did! I hope to share my day with you, soon.

Saturday, I also had a wonderful day! I spent the day with my best friend who lives in Atlanta. We had a blast while shopping and having lunch together! She was on the hunt for a dress to wear to a wedding, and I was on the hunt for a new duvet cover for my bed. She lucked out and found a dress, but I wasn't so lucky! My hunt continues! Then, Saturday evening... David and I attended a concert at our church that I CAN'T WAIT to tell you about!!!

I made one phone call on Friday to another preschool to inquire about a teaching position. I had to leave a message, and after waiting ALL DAY for her to return my call.... I never heard from her. So, I am about to get back on the phone now and start the process again!

I hope to get back online later and write more. Hope you are having a blessed Monday!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Funnies ~ No Pants Day

Yes. You read that correctly! Ha!

Today -- The first Friday in May -- is No Pants Day at the Ginn Mill in Denver, Colorado!


This news topic caught my eye on my MSN home page. My first thought was... "Isn't that illegal?" ... and then my next thought was.... "Thank God that I don't live there, beause there's no way I would do that!"

It turns out that it is all for a good cause. According to the website... There is a party and the donation to get in is a pair of dress pants. All clothing and monetary donations will go to benefit Denver Works. For 16 years Denver Works has been providing jobseeker workshops, job search assistance, career counseling, work attire, computer accessibility, mentoring, and life-skills training to jobseekers with barriers to employment.

What a great cause! And great for a good laugh!!!

Happy Friday, everyone!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A decision has been made

Many thanks to all of you that responded to my previous post. It was wonderful to read how several of you understood the situation and made suggestions that really made me think. Thank you!

I have come to the conclusion that this is an impossible situation, and the best solution is to look for other employment.

I learned yesterday that I may never get the chance for advancement if I stay where I am. So, today.... I will sadly be turning in my two weeks' notice.

For those of you that don't know.... Since January of last year (2010), I have worked as a teaching assistant for the preschool that is at the church that I am a member of.  My desire is to be a lead teacher in a 3 or 4 year old classroom. I have plenty of experience, as I have worked with children in a classroom setting, for most of my adult life. I have been the LEAD TEACHER before and enjoy it and miss it very much!

The only reason that I am a teaching "assistant" and not a "lead teacher" right now is that when I applied, there were no open teaching positions. I took the assistant job, thinking that I could move into a teaching position when one opened up.

After my talk with the preschool director yesterday, I don't think she WANTS me in a teaching position. For reasons that I don't even know... she has formed an opinion about me that isn't good! THIS has had me torn up in pieces!! Not to "toot my own horn".... but, I am an excellent teacher and you will rarely find someone that doesn't like me! So, this is something that I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around.

Anyway... I know that God has a plan for my life, and apparently... working there, isn't where I am supposed to be. Or... maybe it was for these past 18 months or so, just as a "stepping stone" to something even better. I just have to trust God and follow His lead.

This is what I will be doing ......


I guess I could have had a job that was worse!!


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What would YOU do?

What would you do if you applied for a different position, which pays higher, doing the same thing you are doing now. The job requires working more days during the week at the same company you work for now. You were then told by your boss that her/his "gut" feeling was that.... you and the partner that you would be working with, "wouldn't be a good match." ????

You tried asking your boss WHY she/he felt this way, but your boss could not give you an answer. It was just how they "felt".

You are also told that you would be better suited in the same position that you are in now, but with a "weaker" co-worker instead, because you are such a "strong" worker.

How would you feel???

How would you react???

What would you do???

What have I been doing, ask?

Well, among the MANY things, is......

I have been going to the libraries and researching information on my family history.

This past Friday, I went to the library here in the county that I live in (near Columbus, GA). I had recently found out that my paternal grandmother (on my Father's side) was born in this same county! (I had thought that she was born in Alabama!) I went to the library to look through the records there, hoping to find out more about her and my ancestors .

The library has a history book about MY county. It is full of names, photos and information regarding the people that lived (or still live) in the county between the years 1827-1961.

I wrote down as much information, as I could. I even brought my camera to take pics of some of the pages in the book that had more info than I could write.

Through my research, I found out that....

- I have several ancestors who fought in the Civil War.
- One that help start the Southern Railroad through Georgia.
- One that was the county coroner in 1953.
- One that won land in the Cherokee Land Lottery.
- One that fought in WWI.
- One that served on the first Grand Jury of the county and helped to develop to get the building of the county courthouse started and roads for the county.
- One was a County Senator.
- One helped to collect supplies for the soldiers during the Civil War.
- At least one was a slave owner.
- One was a Justice of the Peace.
- One helped to organize the Columbus Baptist Association.

While I was there, I also did more research on my paternal grandfather (my Mother's side) who's family also came from MY county.

I already knew a lot about them, but here's some new info that I learned....

- At least two of my ancestors fought in the Civil War.
- One was the Postmaster in 1883 for my county. The post office was in his home. He also taught school at a church.
- One was a Tax Commisioner.
- One was a teacher.

On Saturday, Miranda and I went to the big Columbus library to do more research. --- Well, she read books about London, England... while "I" did research! I knew that the Columbus library had books on surrounding counties. I wanted to see what I could find out about my maternal grandmother on my mother's side.

I didn't find out as much, but I found a lot of names and also burial locations, which I didn't know before. I also found a "Registery" book for the church that my grandparents were memebers of. The book had tons of names in it .... all handwritten! I am going to have to go back and flip through it slowly, page by page, in order to read the names. I recognized many of the names, tho!

The exciting part is that by finding so many names... I was able to FINALLY trace my grandmother's heritage, which I have dated back to 1678 in ENGLAND!!! -- WAHOO!!  - Marlborough, Wiltshire, England... to be exact!

I am sooo excited!! That is TWO family lines that I have traced back to the same area of England! I want now, to travel so badly to England!! So does Miranda, but she is mostly interested in visiting London. I am hoping that we can somehow make it work so that we can travel there after she graduates from college in two years. I can't wait to walk where my ancestors once walked!

Here's a map of England to show you WHERE in England that my ancestors lived. The red circle is circling SOMERSET. (Sorry that it may be hard to read!)

Monday, May 2, 2011

So Much Going On!

My goodness!! In just a few days time.... SO MUCH has happened!!

Wednesday - 4/27 - was the horrific tornado outbreak! So many lives were literally turned upside down during this awful disaster. I learned yesterday that a friend from church's daughter survived by hiding in the basement of her boyfriend's parents home. This was in a suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. The tornado narrowly missed the house that they were in. I cried when I heard this. My friend was in Boston at the time, and did not get the text message that her daughter had sent from the basement, just before the tornado struck.... asking for prayers. My friend praises God that she did NOT get this text message until after the tornado blasted through! I understand her feelings. I can't imagine getting a text message like that and knowing that my daughter was hundreds of miles away and there was nothing that I could do to save her except.... to pray.

Friday - 4/29 - was the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton! What a glorious wedding it was! My girls were up at 4am to watch it. I decided that I would DVR it and just wake up whenever my body decided to. Well.... I was up by 5am! Ha!! I hadn't really missed anything, so that was good. The wedding was so magical and fairytale-like!! I loved everything about it!! Kate was beautiful, as usual. Of course.... she could wear a paper sack and still be beautiful!! Prince William was very handsome, as always. I love Prince Harry! He makes me laugh! Kate's sister, Pipa, was gorgeous in her dress, as well!! And, how wonderful for them that it didn't rain! I look forward to hearing more about them as they start their married life, together.

Sunday evening - 5/1 - As my girls and I were watching the TV reality show, "The Celebrity Apprentice"... we learned that President Obama was going to be interrupting our show to give an announcement that was of National Security. This peaked our interest and we waited a long hour until he finally spoke. We learned before he spoke that U.S. military troops had shot and killed Osama Bin Laden!! THANK GOD! It took almost 10 years for our troops to find him, but that is ok. He is now gone. My only worry is that his followers will now find a way to retaliate against us. I love seeing how the people of our nation are celebrating! Last night... my Facebook wall was COVERED in excitement with the news of his death!!! People also gathered on the lawn of our Nation's Capital and at Ground Zero in New York. It is wonderful when we can come together, as a country.



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