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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thirty Days of Thankfulness - Day 25

Today, I am thankful that I met the Love of My Life on this day, 29 years ago!

Yes, we met on Thanksgiving Day! The memories are so vivid in my brain that it really does seem like yesterday to me!

If you care to come down Memory Lane with me, then come along for the ride!

The year was 1981. I was 16 years old, about to be 17 in a couple of weeks. I awoke late in the morning on Thanksgiving Day to find that my parents had gone to the grocery store. (They must have left a note. I can't remember how I knew that, but somehow I knew that this is where they were.) It was just going to be the three of us for dinner, as I am an only child and we had no other family in town. For me.... it was a day off from school and an excuse to be lazy!! Haahaa!

I was hanging out in my room, in my PJ's, I believe... when the doorbell rang.

OH..... I forgot to tell you that we lived in an apartment near Atlanta, GA.

I went to the door and peeped out thru the peep hole. Through it, I saw our neighbor friend -- a man that was roughly my dad's age --- and a VERY CUTE guy that looked to be MY AGE with him!! I knew that this man had two sons that were in college. One of which I had met before. I decided that THIS guy must be his other son!! WOW!!!!!! I liked what I saw!!! But..... Oh my gosh!!! I couldn't open the door!!! I hadn't had a shower yet. I had NO make up on! AND.... I was in my PJ's!!! YIKES!! 

As my heart was beating out of my chest, I watched as they walked away from the door. I raced back to my bedroom and peered thru the blinds to get another look at this CUTIE!!! I watched him walk back, across the parking lot to where his dad lived. I then, practically RAN to the shower and decided that I was going to make sure that I met this guy later! After my shower, I put on my favorite purple sweater, my blue jeans and my boots. I fixed my hair, put on my make up .... and devised a plan to meet him!

My parents had come home. My mom was in the kitchen, cooking and my Dad was out in the parking lot working on my car. Ah-ha!!!! THIS would be how I would meet this incredible guy!!!

It was not unusual for me to hang out with my Dad as he worked on our cars. It was something that I enjoyed doing. So.... that is where I was when my future "LOVE" appeared again.

Here is the parking lot where we met! - This picture was taken when David and I were on our 25th Anniversary Trip.
You can read about that HERE.

He was indeed the other son of our neighbor friend. He was in his first year of college at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is also where his older brother went. They had driven up to spend Thanksgiving with thier Dad.

His Dad introduced us and I finally got to meet him, face to face!! WOW!!! I was IN LOVE!!! (Little did I know that he was, too!!!)

His name was David. He was rather shy, but I was too. I can't even remember us even talking!!! But, I'm sure that we did.

Our "meeting" didn't last long. I think I made my way back inside... and ran straight to my window to WATCH for him to appear again so that I could just look at him again!!

Later, after my parents and I had our dinner, the doorbell rang again. This time it was David's soon-to-be, step-mother. She was very sweet and said.... "I wanted David to come up and invite you down for dessert, but he is too shy to come up! So, here I am!"  I was a bit shy to, too... but, I went with her anyway. She wasn't going to let me say "no". But, that's ok. I'm glad, now, that she didn't!

I went down there and he and I talked a little, but it was still awkward. Finally, his dad came over to him and gave him some money and said... "Why don't ya'll go to the store and get some more soda." That was the icebreaker that we needed!! We needed a way to be alone so that we could talk and get to know each other a little bit better.

We drove to the nearest convenience store and got the soda, but we also took our time and talked. He asked me if I would show him around Atlanta the next night. I said, SURE!! So, that was it. Our FIRST DATE was set!!! **Smile**

When we got back to the apartments, I ended up going home because I had plans to go to "out" that evening. (I later found out that David missed me terribly!!! Awwww..... how sweet!) I also regret that decision! Oh well.

I decided for our date the next night, I would take him to downtown Atlanta and show him the big Christmas Tree on top of the Macy's department store. This tree was famous and supposedly, could be seen for miles.

His Dad let him borrow his REALLY nice Pontiac Trans Am, which was fun! We set off on our quest to find the Christmas Tree. Did I mention that I had no idea exactly where it was?? Hahaa! I knew how to get downtown because my friends and I would go down there often for concerts, to go ice-skating, and to ride the "glass elevator" that was on the outside of Peachtree Plaza hotel. ~ Fun!

Here's David sitting in his Dad's Trans Am on Daytona Beach.

First, I took him to the mall that had the ice-skating ring. This is where he first held my hand!! It was when we were crossing the busy street. He took my hand, and didn't let go for the rest of the night! **Smile**

We then drove around downtown Atlanta looking for the giant Christmas Tree, but never found it! So, I decided to take him to my other hang out place, closer to where I lived -- Stone Mountain Park. BUT... when I tried to guide him back to the highway... we got LOST and ended up in a not-so-nice area of Atlanta. Ooops! All I could think of is.... "This guy must think I am pretty stupid. He'll never want to see me again!"

We finally made our way back to the highway and back to my side of town. We went to Stone Mountain Park, which was open until Midnight. **Smile**  I took him to all of my favorite places at the park and after getting back in the car at one place, it happened.... OUR FIRST KISS!!! If I wasn't attracted to him before.... I was NOW!!

Stone Mountain.
We were married on this lawn in April of 1985.

Sadly, he had to go back to school and I wasn't sure when I would see him again. Maybe Christmas?? Maybe New Years?? We'd have to wait and see.

We exchanged phone numbers and addresses, which led to a notebook of letters that I now have and CHERISH!

This was the first photo taken of us after we met.
I think it was New Years Day, 1982.

Now, here we are 29 years later..... VERY HAPPILY MARRIED!!! **Smile**

We have a LOT to be thankful for!!


  1. What a wonderful, extremely well-told story, Becky. I really enjoyed reading it. Took me back to a much more innocent time! David certainly looked gorgeous in that photo on the beach in his dad's Trans Am. Lovely photo of the two of you just after you first met - so young!!! Blessings to you from over here.

  2. Awww.... thank you! We are certainly blessed! Hope you have a Happy Day! :)



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