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Thursday, December 2, 2010

I need a RESTART!

I feel like I need a restart for this Christmas season!!

Before Thanksgiving, I was all excited about getting ready for Christmas. Then, my mom went in the hospital the day AFTER Thanksgiving and that has been all that I can think about!

I was so excited to start decorating, shopping and planning a beautiful Christmas celebration for my family.

Now, those things are still on my mind, but I have had to put them to the back of my mind so that I can focus on my mom. This has lead me to the feeling that I need a restart!! Or maybe I should call it a "do-over". I'm not sure which. 

Once my mom gets back to the nursing home (no... she's still not there!) and settled... I really wish that I could go back to Black Friday and start over!

My girls DID pull down the Christmas decorations on Sunday, thankfully, and started decorating the house. I was too numb to help. I just sat there and watched mostly, which is NOT what I had intended to do.

I did help Miranda move the furniture around and put some ornaments & garland on the tree, Sunday evening.

I have barely been home since Sunday, so at the moment.... my house is cluttered with boxes of decorations and my everyday decor is "misplaced" at the moment until I find another home for it for the holidays. Yes, it's a mess and it is driving me crazy! But..... #1) I haven't had time to mess with it all. And... #2) I've been too exhausted in the evening!!

I haven't taken any pics of my decorated house yet, this year (I will once I finish decorating and get the clutter put away!)... but, here's a picture of our tree from last year.

So far this year, it looks almost the same. I may do a little "tweaking" to it. I'm not sure yet.

I joined a gym 3 weeks ago, and have only been 4 times! I am frustrated with that, too! My plan was to start going BEFORE Thanksgiving and continue to go throughout the holiday season so that I could keep those nasty unwanted pounds away!! But... just before Thanksgiving.... I caught a nasty cold and didn't feel well enough to go to the gym. Then, my mom got sick and my extra time has been at the hospital.

I haven't even bought the first Christmas gift!!! YIKES!!

Soo... as you can see..... I need a RESTART for my Christmas!!!!


  1. CALM, Becky!! Deep breaths and count to 10!! I felt exhausted just reading your post! It's funny how things never turn out how we imagine, do they? Everything out of the norm always seems to come just at the wrong time for us, but I guess that no time at all is right for something that upsets our lives. I can imagine how frustrated you feel about not being able to get to the gym. I've been there, read the book and got the t-shirt!! I hate it when the house is all upside-down as well. Your tree looks magnificent! So here I am, sending you that RE-START that you so badly needed! Hope the situation with your mum improves very soon. ((( hug )))

  2. You are so very sweet. Thank you for your kind words. :) You are right. Things that are "out of the norm" never come at a time that is right for us. Otherwise... they wouldn't be a bother, would they? I like that thought. ~ Thank you for my RE-START! :) ((HUGS))... right back at you!!

  3. All of this will pass. Sometimes life gets that way, and there is never a good time to have it happen. Take one thing at a time, and take some time for yourself. Everyone will benefit when you do.

  4. beautiful tree and as for the unwanted pounds well we all have thse but just take a deep breathe and release. now just relax and enjoy. it doesn't matter if things aren't decorated just so or that you have unwanted pounds what matters is that you are alive and with family so enjoy. life is to short to stress out. i hope you feel better soon and that things brighten up. hugs

  5. Arby --- Thank you. You are right. There never is a "good time" for bad things to happen. My mom DID get to go back to the nursing home today and I am looking foward to having tomorrow off from work and the day to myself. My alarm clock will be turned off and I plan to enjoy the day --- finally!

    Becca --- Thank you for your sweet words. I feel better now that my mom is out of the hospital. ((HUGS)) right back to you!



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