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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Oh my goodness!!! It has been a busy few days! I have been going pretty much non-stop since December 23rd! Don't get me wrong. I LOVE Christmas and the busyness that comes with it, but...... WHEW!! I'm glad things are finally settling down a bit!

Here's a condensed version of my Christmas ---

Thursday, December 23rd ~ Cleaned house ~ Baked a "Happy Birthday Jesus Cake" ~ Cake stuck to pans ~ Not happy! ~ Pieced it together with lots of frosting ~ Threw out cake pans ~ Plan to get new ones ~ Made "White Trash" (Chex Mix dessert) ~ Yum! ~ Mother-n-law arrived from Philadelphia ~ Yay! ~ Dinner and visiting at home.  

Yes. I know. It looks pretty sad. It tastes yummy, though!

Friday, December 24th ~ Up early ~ Coffee & bagels, at home ~ Spent morning at nursing home with "my" mom ~ Visiting & presents ~ Santa came while we were there ~ More presents ~ Lunch at Cracker Barrel ~ Ashley's sandwich was a smile ~ Funny! ~ Great food! ~ Christmas Eve service at church ~ Beautiful! ~ Clam Chowder at home ~ Yum! ~ Warmth by the fireplace ~ Christmas movie ~ Precious time with family.

Santa visits my mom...

and gives her a hug and a gift.

"Three Generations" photo

Ashley & Grandma (David's mom) at Cracker Barrel

Me & Miranda

Ashley's "smiling" sandwich!
This is the way that it arrived!! LOL!

Saturday, December 25th ~ Up early ~ Filled stockings with goodies ~ Warm fire in the fireplace ~ Breakfast casserole ~ Yum! ~ Waited for Rory (Miranda's boyfriend) to arrive ~ Viewed, "Our Year in Pictures", while waiting ~ Stockings are unloaded ~ Rory arrives ~ Presents opened, in turn ~ Wrapping paper, everywhere! ~ Chester eats the bows ~ Clean up the mess ~ Christmas dinner with all the trimmings ~ Yum! ~ Christmas movies ~ Games are played ~ Dessert ~ Yum! ~ Snowflakes fall ~ A "dusting" of snow is enjoyed in the darkness ~ Pretty! ~ White Christmas!

The stockings...

and the tree.

Ashley and her University of Georgia "Snuggie"
that Nick gave her for Christmas.

Rory opens one of his gifts, while Jackson
 looks for another gift to open.

Miranda opens her "Mad Gab" game that she got for Christmas.

The table is set for a delicious Christmas dinner.


The turkey was cooked in David's "oil-less fryer".

Turkey, ham, corn casserole, stuffing,
cheesy green bean casserole, & gravy = YUM!!

By nightfall, it started to SNOW!!!!
This is a rare thing to happen in Georgia on Christmas!
How fun!

Sunday, December 26th ~ Up early ~ Snow on ground is gone ~ Boo hoo! ~ Breakfast at I-Hop ~ Yum!! ~ Snowflakes fall again! ~ Yay! ~ Church ~ Wonderful! ~ Cold temps ~ Trip to Best Buy ~ New Laptop for me!! ~ YAY!!! ~ No time to play on it! ~ Boo! ~ Home again ~ Warm fire in fireplace ~ Bake Gingerbread men ~ First time! ~ Messed up! ~ Started over! ~ UGH! ~ Ashley's new boyfriend (Nick) comes over for the day ~ Sweet guy! ~ Happy for her! ~ Games are played ~ "Leftovers" are served ~ Yum! ~ Christmas movie is watched ~ Weather Channel is watched ~ Snow in Northeast ~ Philadelphia Eagles game is cancelled ~ Sad faces ~ Find out that Mother-n-law's flight is cancelled for the next day! ~ Uh Oh! ~ Call airline ~ Can't get through ~ Frustration.

Our beautiful church

The gingerbread men are finally getting made!

The kids enjoy a fun game on the Wii

David had a good time watching them!

Time to decorate the gingerbread men.

I think Nick's first time meeting us went well.

So cute and yummy!

Monday, December 27th ~ Up early ~ Coffee & bagels for breakfast ~ Still can't get ahold of airline! ~ Frustrated, still ~ Watched news about snow ~ Airports closed ~ Uh oh! ~ Go to airport ~ Got a new flight for mother-n-law for TOMORROW night with a possibility to fly stand-by earlier in the day ~ Cleaned house ~ Dishwasher started leaking! ~ Uh oh! ~ David took it apart ~ Part is ordered ~ Ugh! ~ Leftover's for dinner again ~ Yum! ~ Falcons football game! ~ YAY!! ~ Stayed up late ~ They lost ~ Sad faces.

Tuesday, December 28th ~ Slept in ~ Oops! ~ Should've been up early! ~ Took mother-n-law to airport shuttle ~ Said good-bye ~ Sad face ~ Starbucks with Miranda ~ Carmel Brulee ~ Yum! ~ Shopping at Target ~ Great deals! ~ Shopping at Khol's ~ Nothing bought ~ Shopping at Old Navy ~ New pants found on clearance! ~ Shopping at Game Stop ~ New Wii controller ~ BBQ sandwiches for lunch ~ Home ~ Mother-n-law is on her way to Philadelphia ~ Yay!! ~ FINALLY time to play on my new computer!! ~ Yay!

I hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as I did!


  1. Gosh, Becky, that was some post! It was lovely to see all the photographs, and your dear mum with Santa Claus! I LOVED the photo of Ashley's sandwich - really funny!! How lovely that the snow came for you for Christmas. We read about just how many flights had been cancelled in America because of the snowstorm. Your little Church is absolutely lovely, and your tree very impressive! I love fairy lights. I did read it all, honestly, but I can't comment on all of it! Lovely post, and I hope you're enjoying playing with your new laptop. Lots of (((hugs))).

  2. Becky, what a great Christmas. Wonderful pictures of Santa Claus and your mom and your girls and mother-in-law. Your tree and fireplace really are beautiful! The food looked pretty good too. You and your family will have great memories, especially with all the great pictures. Happy New Year!

  3. Thisisme ~ No need to worry about commenting on everything. I know you care! ((HUGS)) :)

    Susan ~ Thank you for your sweet comments! Happy New Year to you, as well!



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