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Friday, December 17, 2010

Preschool Staff Christmas Party

This past Saturday night was our Christmas party for the preschool staff. It was in the beautiful home of our director, Debi. She graciously hosts it in her home every year. We are told to bring a $5.00 ornament for the ornament swap game. We call it "Dirty Santa", but I believe it is called other names as well.

Here's an idea of what the ornament that I brought looked like ---

I couldn't find a picture of the actual one that I bought, but it looked like these, only it was a glass ball, not a bucket. I loved the feathers at the top of it! I got it at Pier 1. I love their ornaments, and everything else in the store!!!

I brought along my camera to take pics at the party, but ended up only taking pics of Debi's beautiful Christmas decorations!

This is the stairwell, in the foyer, that greets you as you enter the house.

This is the dining room, to the left of the foyer. She had many yummy foods here, for us to enjoy!

Take a look at ALL of these YUMMY desserts that were scattered across her kitchen island!! This was a dessert lover's paradise!! The large gingerbread house is just a decoration, but it looked SO real!

This beautiful fireplace is in the formal living room where we all sat to enjoy our yummy foods and also to have our ornament swap.

I hate that I didn't take any pictures of any of us that were there! I get shy about taking people's pictures, because you never know how they really feel about it. Someone did take mine and David's picture in front of the Christmas tree, but it didn't turn out so well.

Our ornament swap game was a lot of fun. If you've never played "Dirty Santa", it's a fun game to play at a Christmas party! Everyone brings an ornament (or some other cheap) gift and you take turns picking a gift from under the tree (or on the table). You open your gift and show it to the rest of the participants. The next person, in turn, can either take your gift or choose another from under the tree. The game continues around the room with everyone either choosing a new gift, or stealing someone else's! Our game lasted for a while because their were two ornaments that everyone seemed to want!!

This is the ornament that I was lucky to get --

I actually stole him from someone else!! Hahaaa! I love snowmen and the green and red match the rest of my Christmas tree ornaments! I was happy that he wasn't one of the ornaments that everyone wanted!


  1. I love the ornament that you ended up with Becky, and what a lovely evening it must have been. Gosh, that house is quite stunning, isn't it, with wonderful decorations. Wasn't the little gingerbread house gorgeous?!

  2. Thank you! He is cute, isn't he? :) Yes, we did have fun and "stunning" is the perfect word to describe her home! I love going to other people's homes at Christmas time to see the decorations! Yes... the "little" gingerbread house was gorgeous! ;)

  3. Gosh Becky-what a beautiful place! How elegant it looks. We've played a gift swap like yours, they called it Chinese gift exchange. I like your name for it better. HaHa, "Dirty Santa!" Next time we do that, I'll propose a new name. Beautiful pictures.

  4. Yes. It was fun. I think I have heard of it called that name, too. But "Dirty Santa" sounds more fun, huh? :)



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