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Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year, New Calendars!

I have an obsession with calendars.

I look forward to getting a new one (well, actually... several!) when the new year rolls around.

I buy one for my kitchen. I try to look for a "nice" one that matches the colors in my house. On it, I only write the birthdays of our family and friends. This year, I bought this one to hang on my wall ---

Last year, I had one that was similar, but buy a different artist.

I also buy one for my office. I gave up on trying to find one that "matches" the room, and just look for one that I like instead. For the past few years I have gone with one that was "cute". This year, I picked one that has pretty photographs, instead. Here's a picture of the one that I picked to hang in my office.

I love porches and the beauty that comes with them! Like the calendar in my kitchen... I will only write birthday's of my family and friends. I may add a few "other" friends to this calendar, as well.

I usually don't carry a "pocket calendar", although... I should! I have just never liked having to write in those tiny little boxes that only pocket calendars can provide. This year, I received one from one of my students. We'll see how I do with it!

My favorite calendar is the one that I write EVERYTHING down on!! I like for it to have big blocks in which to write, but I also like for it to be portable. This past year, I had this one....

I liked how it was "spiral bound" and that it had tabs and big blocks to write in. It also had a beach theme, which was nice. I use this calendar to write down ALL of my appointments and upcoming events. These are the calendars in which I SAVE, because I can look back years later and it is kind of like a "diary" of our family's life for that year. I have calendar's from way back when I was in high school, believe it or not! I can't say that I have one for every year since then, but I have many of them!

This is the one that I bought for my EVERYTHING CALENDAR for this year.

I really liked the look of it, (and... it was cheap!) but, I am kinda' wishin' it was spiral bound like last years was. I don't know. We'll have to see how it goes. Last year, I think I bought three before I was finally happy with the one that I actually used! LOL!

I have tried using "daily" and "weekly" calendars, but always go back to the "monthly" ones.

What about you???
Do you enjoy buying a new calendar each year?
Do you buy or use more than one?
Which kind do you prefer?


  1. Waow - love the look of your new year Blog!!! I went into blogmation, but could only get those silly fireworks, but yours is something else!! If I can find it, I might just borrow it for a day! Honestly, I just love calendars as well. Last year, I had country cottages, with pretty photos of thatched cottages all over the country, and this year, I've bought one with photos of lovely gardens. My friend bought me a slim one called Born to Shop and each month has different little comments, like You Can't have too many friends or pairs of shoes!!

  2. Thank you! Feel free to "borrow". I don't mind! I found this one at I usually find something I like there. I plan on changing it again after the new year to a winter theme. ~ I love your fireworks! I should add those to mine! ;) ~ I like your "Born to Shop" calendar! Sounds like me!! Hahaa!

  3. i love calendars to my favorite are the redneck ones and Maxine i love maxine

  4. Hey Becky,
    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!!We sure did! I have just been so neglectful of my blog its not even funny. I love that you have and obsession for Calendars, because I love mine too!!! Every Christmas for the last four years I take all the family photos that people have sent me and using my own and I create the Family Calendar as a Christmas gift. The family now looks forward to getting our calendar that I created on Shutterfly. I make a special one for Matt and I, this years mainly using all of our great wedding photos. That maybe a fun idea for you to try out for your office calendar? Well I’m glad to see things have been well for you. Happy New Years!!!!

  5. Hi Becca ~ Those calendars are fun, too! Happy New year!

    Hi Heather ~ Don't feel bad. I am WAYYYY behind in reading the blogs that I follow, too! I've been off work for the past two weeks and you would think I would have lots of "free" time, but... nope. I've been incredibly busy! ~ I love the idea of making a photo calendar! I did that once before, but I actually scrapbooked it. This was before the wonderful idea of having one created online was around! (Showing my age! Ha!!) You're right, tho. I should think about doing that again! ~ Happy New year to you, as well!

  6. I like your Happy New Year background! I still can't figure out how to do it. I have even looked for a new background tonite. I guess I'm afraid of messing it up. Love your new calendars. I'm a calendar freak myself and I make one every month for our refrigerator. Happy New Year Becky-I really enjoyed your Christmas pictures.

  7. Awww... Thanks, Susan! I wish I could help you figure out how to change your background. It really is easy, once you know how to do it. I just wish there was an easier way for me to HELP you do it! :) ~ Happy New Year to you, as well!!



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