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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snapshot Saturday 12/11/10

It's Snapshot Saturday again!!

If you have played before... then you should know what to do! If not... click HERE for instructions.

Pick your "combination" to unlock one of my photos.

1st - pick a number between 1 - 75.
2nd - pick a number between 1 - 10.
3rd - pick a number between 1 - 50.

Check back here or in my next post for the photo that you picked!

Here's my "combination" for today!   18 - 8 - 28

And here's the photo ---

This photo is of me and my College Sunday School Class that I teach lead. I'm 4th from the right. Ashley is next to me, and Miranda is in the pink dress. The lady standing in front was my "assistant" at the time. She is now teaching leading her own class, just for women.

This photo was taken back in the summer. A couple of these "kids" are now off at school, but I should see them over the holidays. Since then, we have also added several more to our class.

They are a GREAT group!! Of course... two of them are mine! **Smile**

This is also the classroom where I teach preschool during the week! ~ Funny, huh?

Send me your combination and let's see which photo you "unlock"!!


  1. Nice photo Becky. This is such a good idea for future posts. I did send you my combination earlier! Hope you're having a good weekend.

  2. Hi Becky! My numbers are 42-9-29. You've got a lot of special photos. Have a great day.

  3. This is me ~~ I got your combination last Saturday. It is on my post for 12/4. Did you send one for today?? I don't see it.

    Thanks, Susan. I'm adding your photo to a new post! :)

  4. 42 - 8 -42. Sorry Becky, I didn't realize I had to do it more than once!

  5. No worries! ~ Hope it's ok if I change your "combination" to 43 - 8 - 42, instead. The "42" is the same album as the last one picked. :)



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