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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Christmas Tablescape

My friend Cindy introduced me to the world of Tablescapes early this Fall and I have since then, focused much of my decorating on "dressing up" my own table! I have always loved dishes and glassware, so this should be fun!

I love Fall decorations almost as much as I love Christmas decorations, so coming up with a Fall Tablescape was FUN! You can read about that HERE.

When I started decorating for Christmas, the wheels in my pretty little head started turning, trying to plan a beautiful Christmas Tablescape for my table. I knew that I wanted to use my mother's china, that I now have. It is kind of an off-white/ivory color with silver trimmings.

I knew that I wanted to incorporate the color silver into my color pallet, but my other Christmas decorations are mostly green, red & gold. Coming up with a workable tablescape, was going to be a challenge!

My first purchase was to buy some silver chargers. (There's a funny story behind the idea of me using "chargers" that I'll have to blog about at another time! You'll love it!) I thought they would go perfect with my mother's china.

I also have my mother's Candlewick Crystal.

I, of course, wanted to incorporate these dishes into my decor as well.

I also have these green dishes that I inherited from my grandmother.

Aren't they the perfect Christmas color??

I really wanted to find some red salad plates and had been searching the stores for the right ones. I saw the ones that I wanted at Target, but didn't buy them right away.

Then... when I received that $50 gift card for Target, from my class.... BINGO!!! I knew exactly what I would spend it on!! THOSE DISHES!! They were only $16 for two sets of four, so I still have money left on my card! YAY!

After working for over two hours on it, here's my final design... drum roll, please.....

Yes. I am missing a few things like... silverware & napkins. I had bought some white napkins with silver snowflakes on them, but then decided that I didn't like them. So, I took them back and got some green ones. They match the green PERFECTLY! (I took these photo's before I bought them)

And, of course, I HAVE silverware. I just haven't decided which set to use. I have two sets of REAL silver, but they both need to be polished. I'm not sure if I'll get around to that or not, so I may just use my everyday set.

The other thing that you probably see that is missing are my silver CHARGERS!! Yep. I got my table completely done. Took pictures of it. Then, realized that I forgot the chargers! Oops!! (They are now on my table and look great!)

Here are a "few" other views of my tablescape. You'll have to forgive my photography skills. I'm still working on those! **Smile**

The colors all came together so nicely!

Remember the beautiful candle that I recieved as a gift
from one of my students??
It looks so beautiful on the table!!

It took me FOREVER to get the "snow" right and the tree to stand up in the middle!! The tree was my mother's and I already had the snow.
See the "HO" candle? There are two other's there, too! Those were the gift from the teacher that I work with. They look great on the table! The snowflake candle was a gift, as well. "Mr. & Mrs. Santa" are from my childhood.
I love them!

I can't remember where I got this angel,
but she looks so beautiful on the table!

I just noticed that Mrs. Santa missed Santa's lips!!! LOL!!
I'll have to fix that!

I am so pleased with the way my tablescape turned out!


  1. I love tablescapes but have never done one. Yours is beautiful.
    Christmas Blessings to you and your family and hoping your new year is exceptional too.

  2. Thank you!! Passing on Christmas Blessings to you all, as well!

  3. You pulled it off. I really like your centerpiece-some different things to look at. It's kind of an old fashioned look. The colors all go well and the placemats compliment the whole look. It's so warm and cozy! Have a wonderful Christmas Becky!

  4. Thanks, Susan! You are so very sweet. I pray that you and your family have a very blessed Christmas, as well!



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