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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Quarterback Worship

It's Sunday morning and my thoughts should be on worshiping my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. But, instead... they are on FOOTBALL!

Don't worry. I'll be going to church soon! **Smile**

If you follow college football, which I never did until I moved to this part of Georgia.... then, you know that the Southeastern Conference Championship game was last night. It was the Auburn Tigers (an undefeated team) against the South Carolina Gamecocks (9 wins - 3 losses). Of course, Auburn was favored to win... and they did.
I am not an Auburn fan, but I did watch part of the game since they are my daughter's favorite team AND this was the championship game.

I have no problem with the fact that this team won. My problem is with the way the media and also the fans IDOLIZE and WORSHIP the quarterback - Cam Newton.

Yes, he IS a good quarterback. But, he didn't get to be a good quarterback without the help of his teammates and coaches --- who, by the way, don't seem to be getting the credit that they deserve!

There is also a scandal behind this quarterback "wonderboy". It seems that his father was offered (and paid!)THOUSANDS of dollars to have his son play college football. This wasn't done by Auburn University, but another college. Allegedly... Cam knew nothing about this, but one can't help but wonder what the truth really is.

But, back to my thoughts about Cam. I am reading that he is being seen as the nation's best player. Well... that is all good, if he truly is.

What makes me sad is how he is being viewed. From my view... people are worshiping him and treating him like he is some kind of god. (little "g") I feel sorry for the other players that are really good too and are not getting the credit. The spotlight is totally on the quarterback.

Take a look at these pictures ---

This one is from last night's game.

Take a look at the posters in the background.

No, Cam. You are not a god!

I also have a problem with people that are arrogant and show no signs of being humble at all. This is the way Cam Newton seems to be, and the fans practically bow down and worship him!  How WRONG is that??

I guess I wouldn't have so much of a problem if he didn't seem so "cocky"!

I think the Auburn fans need a reminder of what worship really is, and Cam Newton needs a lesson in "How to be Humble".

Sorry for the "rant" this morning. I'll get off my soapbox now. **Smile**


  1. Your writing really hits the spot, for lack of a better phrase. I completely agree about these arrogant sportsmen, it's ridiculous ow much attention and praise they get.Did they solve world hunger? Risk their life for another? Do something considerate or caring? No, they simply got a ball in a net/goal or whatnot. pathetic. I wish the world was more humble, everything would be so much easier!
    I really love reading your posts, always really interesting.
    p.s. My fingers are crossed for you with getting snow, lets hope it's real snow too! I also love your christmassy backgrond at the moment, and the daily puppy app on the side. Oh darn it, i love it all! :) xxx

  2. Right On Becky! We see a lot of that lately on ball teams with some of the players. Love your daily pup "Gringo".

  3. Thanks Roma & Susan. I agree with you, Roma. The world WOULD be a better place if more people were humble. And yes... those puppies are adorable! I am a HUGE dog lover and it is fun to see a new one each day! :)

  4. And there's like a Santa running back and forth across your blog! You found him, Becky!



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