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Monday, December 6, 2010

Hallelujah Girls

Yesterday, I got the chance to go to a play that was directed by a classmate and friend, Cathe Hall Payne, that I went to high school with. It was so much fun! The play was called -- The Hallelujah Girls (click the link to check it out and read about it!) and it was wonderful!

In high school, Cathe was into drama BIG TIME! I don't vividly remember all the plays that were done during my high school years, but... those that I do remember... Cathe always had the LEAD role and was always VERY GOOD! And if I remember correctly, she had an amazing singing voice, as well.

My friend, Denise, sent out an invite through Facebook to those of us that might want to go. I was immediately excited about the idea of going! I didn't even know that Cathe was still involved in the "theatre world"! But... really... it makes sense that she is! I hadn't seen Cathe or some of the other girls sense high school, so I was excited about that, as well.

We met for lunch first, which was fun. Denise brought her mom and so did another girl. The "moms" were delightful and it made me just a wee bit jealous that these girls have such "active" and "healthy" moms... something that I haven't had in a long time and never will.

The play was to start at 3:00pm and we made it JUST IN TIME! The theatre was PACKED with people, so we had to sit in the back.

We had just a few minutes before the play started, so some of the girls took the opportunity to hit up the potty. This is when I learned that the teacher that taught drama (and English) when WE were in high school was IN THE PLAY that we were about to see!! Her name at the time -- and the only name that I knew her by -- was Ms. Janiec. I never took drama. I was too shy. But, I did have her for English. I didn't like her. I always thought she was mean! Haahaa! I was excited to see her, none-the-less!!

I still remember her because I was sitting in HER CLASS when President Reagan was shot!! For those of you that are interested... this happened on March 30, 1981. I was in the 11th grade. **Sigh**

Here are a few photos that I took during the play. They aren't the best because I had to hold my camera UP over my head so that I could get some clear shots (remember... we were on the back row!).

Here's Ms. Janiec, who I now know as.... Sylvia Veith.

The costumes were very entertaining, as well!

After the play was over, Cathe invited the WHOLE AUDIENCE to a FEAST of yummy treats in the lobby. I wish I could have gotten pictures of it all, but there were SO MANY people and the room was small.

I did manage to get a few photos of some of the beautiful Christmas trees that surrounded the room. The pictures don't do them justice, unfortunately.

I would have never thought of PINK for a Christmas color,
but I really liked these little beauties!

This one was my favorite! I loved the Raggedy Ann & Andy
and also the candy canes!

This little guy caught my attention, sitting over in the corner.
He was so cute! I wanted to take him home!

Next, it was photo-opp time with "Ms. Janiec".
She was soooo sweet!! (Not mean, at all!) **Smile**

In case you couldn't tell.... I'm in the black and purple. I'm not sure how I ended up in the front! I guess I have "shortness" to blame for that! hahaa


  1. Great post. Isn't it funny how you were scared of the drama teacher back in High School. My Algebra teacher scars me. So nice you got to see old friends and catch up. Sounds like a fun time.

  2. Yes. It was fun. ~ I have MANY teachers that I remember not enjoying very much!

  3. Glad you had a good time, Becky. How lovely to meet up with those people again. I'm afraid school never did a lot for me! Loved the photoes of the Christmas trees and decorations as well.

  4. What fun! Your pictures are great. And the Christmas trees are fabulous. Nothing like bright colorful lights and lots of laughter.

  5. I had a teacher I was terrified of. I failed algebra because of it. One day when I was working in a bank in the town I went to school in, he came in. He looked at me and said, "Don't I know you?" I answered, "I am Evelyn Higgins and I am not afraid of you any more."
    From that day on, even if I were on break, I had to wait on him. They would come and get me from my break or lunch. I took algebra as a sophomore and got a B all year. Memories, they are so good. I even remember I was in Home Ec 11th grade the day President Kennedy was assassinated.
    I love going to plays. Am so glad you got the opportunity to meet up with friends and have such a fine afternoon:)

  6. Welcome home, Thisisme!! ~ I didn't like school very much either. I was only there because I had to be! LOL!

    Susan ~ Yes, I love the lights and decorations at Christmas, too!

    Evy ~ It's amazing how we always remember WHERE we were at times of tragedy. You did good to stand up to that teacher, too! :)



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