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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snapshot Saturday - 12/11/10 - Susan's pick!

My friend Susan, over at KardKornerKrib, picked this combination 42 - 0 - 29.

Thanks for playing, Susan!!

Here is the photo --

This is a photo of my mom (In the white sweater) when she was a contestant in the "Miss Canterbury" contest at her previous nursing home.

Pretty neat, huh??

This was in May of 2007, two and a half years after her stroke. She was doing fairly well at this time. She wasn't walking well, but felt pretty good.

She didn't win 1st place, but came in as 2nd Runner Up. She even has a trophy to prove it!

In this picture, you see the director asking her questions... like they do in the "real" beauty pageants. On the wall, you can see photos of previous winners. 

It was a really special day for my mom. **Smile**


  1. That was nice that your mum won a prize, Becky. I remember when my mum was in the nursing home, she won 2nd prize in an Easter bonnet competition!

  2. I picked good this time too! I think that's really great that they have contests like that. Seniors are beautiful and smart too! What a fun photo pick.

  3. Thank you, Susan! My mom really did feel special! :)



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