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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My Last Meal Would Be...

By reading one of my favorite blogs -- Southhamsdarling -- I discovered ANOTHER blog -- TheLadyBloggers! Each Wednesday, they have a "Wednesday Writing Prompt". I thought it would be fun to play along, so here it goes!

The question is ---

“You can choose your last meal. What would the menu consist of?”

Since it is my LAST MEAL, I wouldn't have to worry about calories... so, I would want a full four-course meal!

I would start off with an appetizer. My pick would be a plate of Southwest Eggrolls from Chili's restaurant. YUM!

With that, I would have one of their Presidente Margarita.

Then, for my main meal I would choose two main courses, because I can't decide between these two!

First, I would have a yummy bacon-cheeseburer with fries!

With that, I would have a cold glass of diet coke!

Then, I would have a pepperoni & Italian sausage, with jalepeno peppers pizza from Papa John's Pizza!

I would have a nice cold beer to wash this down!

For dessert... this is a tough choice because I love so many!! But, I guess I would pick a nice warm piece of chocolate cake (or brownie) with some vanilla ice cream!! YUM!!!

I guess it's a good thing that this is my LAST MEAL!! **Smile**


  1. you are not worrying about calories, remember?
    Can the diet coke and have the real thing. Can't be beat.

  2. I like the thought, Evy... but, I actually LIKE the taste of Diet Coke better!! :)

  3. Waow! That's quite some last meal, Becky!! Little piggy you!! LOL!

  4. Hey, I figured since it was my last meal... I might as well GO FOR IT ALL!!!! ;)

  5. Yeah, how about that diet coke? Why not bite the bullet and indulge a little? Good choices Becky, especially the Southwest eggrolls.



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