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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Snapshot Saturday

Okay... This is a game that I am making up myself, so bare with me... please!

I love photographs and I love sharing them with others. I thought it would be fun to "randomly" pick photos from the MANY that I have stored on my computer and then tell about them.

I was having a hard time figuring out how I was going to randomly pick from all of my photos, so I decided to inlist the help of YOU, my readers. 

If you want to play along... here's what I need you to do:

Click on the "comment" button below and send me THREE numbers

The first number needs to be between 1-75 (I have 75 folders with photos!).

The second number needs to be between 1-10 (Some of the 75 folders have folders inside of them!)

The third number needs to be between 1-50.

When you post your comment, type your numbers like this:  3 - 8 - 24 , kinda' like a locker combination! **Smile**

Here's the picture that was "unlocked" with the combination above:

This photo was taken back in April of this year. David and I were at Stone Mountain Park, staying at the Evergreen Marriott Spa Resort for our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I snuck and took this picture of where we had our "couples massage"!

I'm looking foward to hearing from you! ~ Happy Saturday!!

Here is combination "26 - 3 - 10", picked from Becca at Joy & Gladness.

This is a photo of my girls and I that was taken at our church yardsale. I believe the year was 2003. I was actually IN CHARGE of this yardsale! YIKES! It was actually fun, but a LOT of hard work! It was a fundraiser for our youth group.

We are wearing RED shirts so that the shoppers could tell us "workers" apart from other shoppers.

Ashley (sitting down) was in charge of the table where people "checked out" and purchased their items.

You're probably wondering why Miranda has a note taped to the front of her shirt! Hahaaa!! I think it said something like... "Ask me if you need help."

If I remember correctly... we raised over $3000 that day!


  1. Thanks for commenting, Becca!! I'm going to add your "combination" onto this post.

    Yes!! It was VERY relaxing! :)

  2. 32-8-48 that's my choice of photoes for you Becky. What a super idea! That was a lot of money you raised that day.

  3. 7-9-19

    What Fun! I mean, organized, or whaat?

  4. Wonderful!! ~ Thanks for playing :)

    I think I am adding this to a diffent post.



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