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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Did someone say.... SNOW????

Here in southwest Georgia, we rarely see snow. We might see a flurry or two every now and then, but that's about it. So, when someone says that they heard that we might get some snow... you're ears can't help but perk up just a little bit!!

Yesterday, while we were on the playground with the kiddo's, one of the other teachers mentioned that she heard on the Weather Channel that there was a 30% possiblity that we might see some snow today.

Of course... I was all curious and HAD to ask her to repeat what she heard! I was thinking... SNOW! In December?? Really??? It HAS been unusually cold for this early in December. So... maybe it really IS TRUE!

My family and I watched the 5:00 local news on TV yesterday, wondering if hoping we would hear the same forcast. Of course, the weatherman did not say the words... "Okay, folks. Brace yourselves, because we are going to be getting some snow tomorrow!" No. His words were more like.... "We have a little disturbance moving in from the west tomorrow and we MIGHT see a few flurries, but chances are... we WON'T." Oh well. I kinda' knew it was too good to be true.

This morning, I turned on my computer and decided to check the weather on my MSN homepage. Here is the forcast for TODAY ---

9AM / 29° / Mostly Cloudy 

Noon /36° / Rain / Snow 

6PM / 38° / Snow Showers 

Do you see that??? It says SNOW SHOWERS!!!!

Here's what the radar map looks like this morning. This looks like snow is coming, to me!!

I went ran to my TV and turned it on the local morning news. I was so excited and couldn't wait to hear what the weatherman said NOW!!

But... his words were practically the same as the weatherman's words last night were. DARN IT!!

I then went to The Weather Channel's website to look at the forcast. The word SNOW was nowhere to be seen on the forcast page. DARN IT, again!

You see... down here in the South, where we rarely see snow, we get VERY excited at the mere mention of snow! -- Well, some of us do, anyway! **Smile**

Tomorrow is my birthday and I would LOVE to see snow on my birthday!! What a fun birthday present that would be!

Last year, we were lucky to see a good snow of about 7 inches! --- To us, here... that is a LOT! The most I've ever seen, actually.

Here are a few photos from last year ---

Here is Ashley, Jackson and myself out in our backyard.
Poor Miranda was at work! 

This is one of my very favorite photos!
Ashley & Jackson

Later, we drove to town (about 12 miles) to
pick Miranda up from work. We were afraid for
her to drive home. The roads were becoming too dangerous.

Here's a look at my house as we made it back home.

Miranda was a happy girl now!

I'm still hoping to see some today or tonight. The weathermen down here tend to "play down" the idea of snow approaching as not to get everyone's "hopes up". --- It's TOO LATE!! They're already UP!! **Smile**


  1. Ha Ha! I gather that you want it to SNOW, Becky!! Wouldn't it be lovely if it did snow for your birthday. Did Jackson like the snow. Lovely photoes of you all. My son-in-law can't get home from work this evening, as none of the trains are working, and the airport has been closed, so we WERE lucky to get home yesterday!

  2. Forgot to say, that Father Christmas in his sleigh going along the top of your Blog page is brilliant!!

  3. We were in Marietta the winter of 92 when a blizzard crippled the entire east coast, including Georgia. It was beautiful, but did bring things to a screeching halt down there for a few days. I love snow!! We have had one snow fall here. I am hoping we get more:)

  4. Thisisme ~ Well... since we don't see snow very often, it does make me excited when we have a "chance" to get some! ~ Yes. Jackson does like the snow. Chester (our baby) hasn't experienced it yet. It will be fun to see how reacts to it, whenever we get some! ~ I pray that your son is able to get home soon. I am quite SURE that he is not happy with the snow! ~ I love my "Father Christmas", too! I downloaded it from a site called -

    Gramma ~ I was living in Snellville, GA (near Atlanta) during that blizzard of 1992! I remember it well! :)

  5. You know this means all of the bread and milk will be flying off of the shelves. I've often wondered why it's only the bread and milk. I'd be stocking up on cool whip, hot chocolate and marshmellows!

  6. Brr to cold but i may have to drive my son up that way to see the snow we live in north central FL

  7. Have a wonderful Birthday Becky! Maybe the Birthday fairy will bring you some snow. One of my co-workers is having a birthday tomorrow too. We've got a chocolate cake planned-mmmm! Will sing a verse for you. Great snow pictures.

  8. Hi Diana!! ~ It's SO GREAT to see a comment from you!!! :) I need to ask Miranda if bread & milk were the main items bought yesterday, since she worked most of the day.

    Becca ~ I didn't realize that you lived in North Central, Florida!! What town?? I have relatives in Groveland. Come on up anytime to see the snow! -- Although, it WAS only flurries, this time.

    Susan ~ Thank you!! It doesn't look like the Birthday Fairy is bringing snow. But that's ok. Eat a piece of cake for me!!! :)



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