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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snapshot Saturday - 12/18/10 - Susan's pick!

My friend Susan over at KardKornerKrib picked this combination -- 21 - 2 - 39.

This is the photo that she "unlocked" --

Doesn't this look yummy??!! David made these for dinner one night, this past summer. They were delicious!! We got the idea while we were visiting a new food market to our area called - Fresh Market. It is a treat to the eyes and the taste buds! We spotted some of these shiskabobs in the meat department and both of us looked at each other and said... YUM! We could have bought them already put together at the store, but we went home and concocted our own! **Smile**

Thanks for playing along, Susan!!


  1. AGGHH! I love it! One of my favorites...looks delicious. A goo pic if I do say so myself. Thanks Becky for another great Snapshot Saturday.

  2. Susan... you are so sweet! Thank you!

  3. Good photo, and it's making me feel hungry just looking at it! This Snapshop Saturday thing is such a good idea. Maybe we should all do it!!!

  4. That would be fun! I would love that! :)



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