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Monday, December 13, 2010

Wrapping Room Request

Have you ever seen a "wrapping room" before??

Do you know what one is??

It is a room that is dedicated to wrapping presents! Although, it may be used for crafting and sewing, as well.

Here are a few examples that I found ---

Look at all this counter space!! And those racks on the wall for the wrapping paper... wow! LOTS of cabinets to hide things, too! A tile floor would be nice for easing cleaning. Check out the lighting above, too! Nice! I also see a sewing machine over on the far counter.

This room was found at THIS WEBSITE and is in the house of football pro... Jerry Rice! LOL

There is lots of counter space in this room, too. I love the cabinet for the ribbon and the baskets for organizing the bows. You see a tile floor in this room, as well. 

This room was found at THIS WEBSITE.

This one doesn't have as much counter space, but I think it is a very pretty and "inviting" room. They have the shelf to the left for "some" wrapping paper and ribbon. I see jars below the counter that must hold wrapping or craft items. I'm sure the baskets on the other shelves are hiding some items, as well.

This room was found at THIS WEBSITE

OK.... now... here is MY "wrapping room"! --- Don't laugh!

This is my office/craft room/wrapping room. But, really it is my "Dump & run" room!! **Smile** You can see my "make-shift" lapop over on my desk. You can't tell... but, I have to lean the back up against something, otherwise it will fall backwards! (no kidding!) You can see one coat lying there on the table... but, there is really more that one! Yep, and there is my water-bottle, my stack of library books and magazines. You can't see the rest of the table, but trust me... you can't see the table top! Over on the floor, near the window, is my PILE of wrapping supplies! In order to wrap any Christmas presents, we have to either use the floor, move stuff off of this table, or take the supplies into the kitchen and use the table in there.

Here's a closer look at my wrapping PILE. Even Chester thinks it's a mess!! LOL!  


  1. Hi Becky. What a good idea for a post, especially at this time of the year! A wrapping room. Wouldn't it be lovely to just have a wrapping/craft room. I particularly liked room number 3. It does look very welcoming, and I want one!! lol!!

  2. Thank you! :) Yes, room #3 is my favorite, too! Although, I like the bigger counter top in the first one!

  3. Becca ~ You must have a BIG closet!



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