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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snapshot Saturday - 12/11/10 - Thisisme's pick!

My friend "Thisisme" over at Southhamsdarling picked: 43 - 8 - 42

Here's the photo --

This photo is from Ashley's 8th birthday party. The girls were having a BIG TIME ripping up the tissue paper from the gifts and tossing it up in the air!!

Ashley is the one with the flowered shirt and pink headband, on the right. That's Miranda, just behind her. She wasn't quite three, yet.

This was our "finished basement" in the house that we lived in (and LOVED!) when we lived east of Atlanta, Georgia in a town called.... Snellville.

When we moved into this house, the basement was "unfinished". David was able to "finish" it for us so that we would have a den and playroom for our family. It was WONDERFUL and I miss it! The house that we have now, does not have a basement.

The glass tables once belonged to my mother. Not exactly "kid friendly".

The blue blanket on one of the couches is hiding the CHEWED OFF arm of the couch that our first dog ate right after we were first married!! The couch was brand new, when that happened!! It was a VERY comfy couch though, and we weren't about to get rid of it.

Thanks for the great photo pick!! **Smile**


  1. Trust me to pick a messy photo Becky!! Story of my life really! LOL!! At least it looks as if they're having great fun, and that's what it's all about at birthday time. My family in France have a gorgeous Sous-sol (French for basement!)and it's absolutely wonderful. So wish the houses in England had them. We only have the attics up in the roof, where all the junk seems to go!

  2. Hahaa! Yes. You picked a good one! :)

    The houses in south Georgia do not have basements much either. We were disappointed in that when we moved here from Atlanta. We have an attic over our garage, but it's not the same.

  3. Great pick Thisisme! Basements are cool to have. Not many Texas homes have them, but in Kansas we had a big basement with a recreation room they called it. And a separate laundry room with a half bath.

  4. Susan ~ That sounds like the basements that they have in Atlanta. VERY NICE!



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