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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Snapshot Saturday - 12/18/10 - Thisisme's pick!

My friend over at Southhamsdarling picked this combination --- 2 - 3 - 4.

Here is the photo that she unlocked!

This is Chester, my 9 month old Golden Retriever. This is his favorite place to sleep --- our leather recliner! Every morning, after he & Jackson (our 8 year old Golden) have eaten their breakfast and gone outside to... well... you-know-what! .... I'll let them back in and while I am in my office, drinking my coffee and "playing" on my computer.... THIS is what Chester does! I don't ever have the heart to make him move. He just looks so cute all snuggled up, sleeping! **Smile**


  1. Aaaaw! That's a lovely little photo of Chester! I see he is 9 months old. Alfred, my daughter's little puppy is almost 8 months old now. I am wondering why you decided to get another puppy, with Jackson being 8 years old, and was Jackson offended when the new arrival turned up?! Hugs.

  2. I remember that adorable picture of Alfred!! He is really cute! I didn't realize that he and Chester were so close in age.

    The reason that we decided to get another puppy is because I have always heard that it is good to get a puppy while your older dog is still with you. The puppy is supposed to bring out the "puppy" in the older dog and the puppy also learns from the older dog.

    Chester is our 3rd Golden. Our first one (before Jackson), died suddenly at age 9 of kidney failure. We had planned to get a puppy when he got older, but he passed too quickly and unexpectantly. This is why we went ahead and got a puppy this year, for Jackson.

    Yes. He was EXTREMELY annoyed with Chester when we first brought him home! But, once Chester got old enough to "play", they were great buddies! They play well together now, but Jackson does let Chester know when he's had ENOUGH, though! LOL!



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