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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bucket List #34-36

#34 --- Attend another Falcons game --- The Atlanta Falcons are MY football team. They have been for as long as I can remember. I grew up watching the Falcons and the Braves with my Daddy. What I know about both games, I learned from him. Although I went to many Braves games with my Daddy, I never really developed a love for baseball. I enjoy football so much more! I never went to a Falcon's game with my Daddy. The only Falcon's game that I ever went to was with a guy that went to the same church that I did. I didn't even really "like" the guy, but I wasn't going to say NO to an invite to go to a Falcon's game! --- So, all that being said.... I would love to go to another game someday!

#35 --- Attend a UGA game --- My Daddy loved the Georgia Bulldogs, too. We didn't watch them on TV, tho. We would listen to them on the radio. This would mostly happen when we were traveling back to Atlanta from Columbus, GA on Sunday afternoons after visiting my grandparents. I didn't really continue following the "DAWG'S" much after my dad died, back in 1983. It wasn't until Hubby & I moved our family south to West Central Georgia in 1998, that I started following and watching the Georiga Bulldogs again. This area of Georgia seems to be the COLLEGE FOOTBALL CAPITOL of the state!! You hardly ever run into someone that ISN"T a college football fan! Most are either UGA fans, AUBURN fans, or ALABAMA Fans. Because I am from Georgia and grew up "listening" to the DAWGS on the radio.... I am and ALWAYS WILL BE.... a GEORGIA BULLDOG FAN! -- Despite Dtr. # 2's love for Auburn! Hahaa! Now, I just wanna' go to a game!


#36 --- Attend a NASCAR race and watch from the infield on top of a camper --- I am not sure where or when I developed a love for Nascar Racing. That is one thing that I didn't get from my Daddy! Although, I guess I did get my love of cars from him. But, I have always loved cars & racecars for as long as I can remember. I guess that's how I started watching Nascar. As much as I love the sport (Yes! It IS a sport!)... I have never been to a race. Hubby & I have been to the "qualifying" several times thru the company that he works for, but unfortunately.... they don't offer that "perk" anymore. Most race tracks have an area in the "infield" where you can bring a camper or motorhome and park it there to watch the race. I think it would be SO MUCH FUN to do this! I would want to watch the race from the top of a motorhome, that way you can see all (or at least... most of!) the track.


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