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Friday, July 23, 2010

Pool Party Preperation

Okay... I am sure that you are probably getting tired of only reading my "Bucket List" entries. So.... even though I'M HAVING FUN writing about them.... I will try to include some "other" entries as well!

Today, I will be preparing for a Pool Party at my house tomorrow. I lead the College & Career Class at my church on Sunday's and I have invited the "young people" -- (Can't really call them "kids" anymore!) -- to my house for a Pool Party and cookout. It should be fun and it should be different than having a bunch of "kids" or "teens" running around the pool, like we've done in the past. These "young people" will be very mature in their fun, I'm sure. ----- Ya, right!! Who am I kidding????? It should be interesting!

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