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Friday, July 16, 2010

Bucket List #10-12

#10 --- Drive (or ride) Route 66 and stop at all the unique places along the way --- I think this would be SO much fun!! Of course, I see myself doing this in a convertible... but, hey... if I ever get to do it... then, it won't really matter what kind of vehicle I am in! I need to research what towns and sites are along the way. Doing this would help me to complete #3 on my Bucket List -- Visiting all 50 states!

#11 --- Visit Castle Hollenzollern in Germany --- By researching my family history, I found out that my Brandenburg ancestors (my mother's maternal side) were Prussian royalty back in early 1500's. The Hohenzollern family ruled Prussia & Brandenburg until the end of World War I. There is even a castle that belonged to them. The castle is located 30 miles south of Stuttgart, Germany and is open for touring. It looks so beautiful!

#12 --- Visit the Grand Canyon --- I find it amazing that Dtr. #2 has seen this Wonder of the World and I haven't yet! But, I plan to someday! Maybe I will get to on my Route 66 trip!

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