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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bucket List #43-45

#43 --- Build a patio in our backyard --- This seems like a simple task and you probably wonder why it's even on my list, but it kinda' goes along with #42 - Make my yard something that I can enjoy looking at. - When we built our house, it had a cement "patio". Then, we added a pool which has a narrow cement area around it. We used the patio area for our grilling, sitting and eating purposes. Then, Hubby built a wonderful screened porch over our patio! Which we all love!! But, now our grill is taking up space on our "narrow" cement area and we don't have a lot of room to entertain by the pool. So.... I would love to build a beautiful stone patio that would extend and make our area by our pool larger. Of course, this photo below would be the ULTIMATE added patio!! LOL

#44 --- Ride or drive a snow mobile --- Hopefully, when I go somewhere to see that BIG SNOW - (#30), I can get to do this, too!! Since I obviously have not seen any big snows, then... I haven't done this!

#45 --- Go on a cruise with Hubby --- I have been on a cruise once, but Hubby has not. Mine was my High School Graduation Cruise. It was a LOT of fun and something that I'll never forget! We cruised to the Bahamas on that one. Hubby and I talk about going on a cruise, but our problem is WHERE to go and FOR HOW LONG?? There are so many choices!! Some that peek my interest are.... A Caribbean Cruise, an Alaskan Cruise, a Norweigan Cruise, and a European Cruise. --- Ok. I think that covers just about all of them! LOL



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