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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Puppy in the Garden

Hubby planted a vegetable garden back in the Spring. It started out doing really well because we had a good bit of rain then and at the beginning of the summer. Lately, we haven't had much rain and the garden hasn't done so well. But.... we are still getting some veggies - like... a few tomatoes, some squash and beans.

You would think that the rabbits that we see all the time in our yard would have gotten in our garden by now, but we haven't seen any evidence of that --- which is good!!

Well.... I have now learned that it's not the rabbits that we have to worry about, it's our 4 month old PUPPY!!! Dtr. #2 caught Chester in the garden yesterday, eating tomatoes! This morning, I let both he and Jackson out, and Chester wouldn't come back in because he was in the garden having himself a BIG TIME!! I would have loved to have taken a picture, but it was still very dark outside when this happened.

I had to put up a little fence around my flower garden because he was eating my flowers, too!! They look so sad now! 

Below is a photo of what's left of my "Plantain Hosta Lily"!

This WAS my "Stella de oro Daylily".

This is how my garden USED to look! ~ Thanks, Chester!

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