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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bucket List #19-21

I am a day late posting these next three. Sorry about that! I got interrupted and had to wait until today to finish! ~ Enjoy!

#19 --- Camp at least one night in every state --- I'm not so sure that this is going to actually happen.... but, hey... I can still dream about it! Ya see.... Hubby and I used to talk about traveling all over the country while towing a 5th wheel (a VERY large camper, for those of you that don't know!), but now I'm not so sure that he's still wanting to do that. His thoughts on camping have changed a bit. I still think that this would be a blast to do, but I can't do it by myself!

#20 --- Go camping in NC and go white water rafting as family. --- Now... THIS we CAN do with the "pop-up" camper that we have now! I have only been white water rafting one time and LOVED IT! I went with our church youth group to the North Carolina mountains for a youth retreat and while we were there, we went rafting. We went down the Nantahala River. It wasn't really rough until the end, but it was great fun! Dtr. #1 was with me. Hubby & Dtr. #2 have never been. I think it would be so much fun to do it as a family!


#21 --- Attend the Country Music Festival in Nashville with my girls --- This is something that my girls and I have always wanted to do!! It looks like so much fun! We would stay in downtown Nashville and go to all the concerts that we could! We would stand in lines to meet our favorite singers and hopefully even get to attend some fan parties, too! Yes, it would be crazy! And yes, it would be wild! But.... FUN!!!


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