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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bucket List #40-42

#40 --- Visit New England in the fall --- I've never been to New England. The fartherest north that I have ever been is Pennsylvania. Hubby is from Philadelphia. I'm not sure exactly WHERE I want to go in New England, but I know that I would like to go in the Fall! It looks so pretty!

#41 --- Visit Hollywood California --- I only want to go to Hollywood so that I can do all of the "touristy" (is that a word??) things. Theres.... Grauman's Chinese Theatre, The Stars Walk of Fame, The Hollywood Sign, Universal Studios, and of course what Hollyood visit wouldn't be complete without a Hollywood Tour of Stars Homes!!

#42 --- Make my yard something I can enjoy looking at --- My yard is "getting there"... very slowly! I want luscuious (?) grass to sink my toes in and beautiful flowers to gaze at. This photo was taken at Callaway Gardens (near my home) back in the Spring. I know I've posted it before in one of my blog entries.... but, it deserves another post!

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