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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bucket List #1-3

Since my mind has been blank lately and I haven't been writing, I decided to blog about my BUCKET LIST! I wrote this Bucket List several years ago, around the time the movie "The Bucket List" came out with Morgan Freeman & Jack Nicholson in it. --- A movie that I really need to go back and watch!

I think I will blog about 3 things on my list per blog entry. That will spread them out over.... gotta' think here a minute.... about 33. 3 days. So, that's a whole month's (plus more!) worth of blogging! Wahooo!!!!!

By the way.... the things on this list are in no real order. They are just in the order that they came to my mind when I wrote the list.

#1 --- Live to see my girls marry the right man, have children and be happy --- Yes. This is very important to me. I want to live long enough to see them each marry, settle down, have children, and be happy. Of course, they can't just marry "anybody"! He has to be the right guy for them. Someone that I know will love and respect them, and take care of them, the way that they deserve to be. I want to see each of them settled into a nice home and start their families. If they choose to have a career... I pray that they are working and doing something that they love and not working just because they have to pay the bills. I pray that their children are all born healthy and that my children live to see this very thing happen to their children.

# 2 --- Celebrate 50+ years of marriage with my Hubby --- We are already at 25 years! We just have 25 more to go!! I pray that we can make it to 50 years and even longer! I pray that we are both healthy and are still very active. I pray that our love will do nothing but grow stronger.

# 3 --- Visit all 50 states --- Yes. I want to travel all over the country and visit each state. Not at one time, of course! But, over time. I have already been to 13, but still have a long way to go! I live in Georgia, and have been (by car) as far west as Louisiana and as far north as New Jersey. And then of course, I have been to Tennessee and Florida. So far......the most beautiful countryside that I have ever seen is when I went to Lancaster, Pennsylvania with my mother-in-law. The prettiest beach that I have ever seen is Santa Rosa Beach on the Gulf Coast. The best city that I've been to is a toss up between Nashville & New Orleans. Well.... I guess I need to throw Washington D.C. into that mix, as well. It's a great place to visit, too!

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