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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE GOING to Universal Studios in Orlando to visit Harry Potter World (HPW).

 -- If you don't have a "special" pass to get in early... you have to enter HPW thru the Jurassic Park section and wait in a line JUST TO ENTER HPW!!

-- You have to have a YELLOW TICKET in order to enter HPW!

-- The wait can be HOURS in length to get into HPW! ~ Depends on what time you get there. ~ My advice is to get there EARLY!

-- Once you enter HPW, you can not re-enter without standing in line again in Jurassic Park.

-- Once you are in HPW, the line to ride "The Forbidden Journey" (inside the castle) is approimately an hour long. (Could be shorter. Could be longer.)

-- Use the lockers INSIDE the castle to store your belongings in, instead of the lockers near the train. The locker time is corresponds with the length of the ride wait. It's crowded in there, but worth it so that you don't have to pay for your locker time. --- They will MAKE YOU get a locker for your belongings, unless they are small like a cell phone or a small camera that can be secured on the ride.

-- The line to ride "The Forbidden Journey" is partly outside (In the Greenhouse) and partly inside the castle. If you can... bring your sunglasses and/or hat!

-- If you have  a place to secure a small camera -- TAKE IT!! You will want to take photos inside the castle as you wait to ride.

-- If you have $$$ on you, then yo can purchase drinks (even beer!!) while waiting in line in the Greenhouse.

-- The Forbidden Journey ride is AWESOME!!! But, if you are prone to motion sickness... then, this ride is not for you. It is partly virtual flying, mixed with spinning, and tilting... and.... I have no idea how else to describe it!!

-- Wear shoes that stay on your feet, if you can. Your feet dangle!

-- Hogsmeade is really neat! But, is a small area and is very crowded!

-- Be prepared to wait in a long line to get into The Owl's Post & Ollivander's Wand Shop. They only allow so many people into the shops at a time.

-- If you bring a card or letter that is already stamped, you can have it postmarked with the Hogsmeade postmark and mail it right there!! (Outside the Owl's Post) No waiting time!

-- The candy store & joke shop are neat to go into, but they are very small and they only allow so many people in at a time. The wait is not long, tho.

-- The main souvenir shop is the one located under the castle, as you exit the ride. It is VERY crowded!!! But, has some wonderful souvenir's!!

-- If you want to purchase a wand and don't want to stand in line to enter Ollivander's... there is a kiosk outside the castle where you can purchase a wand. Price's range from $25 to $50.

-- If the line for the Butterbeer is too long at the kiosk.... go inside Hogs Head and purchase it there. It tastes a lot like a butterscotch cream soda! YUM! (They also sell real beer inside, too!)

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