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Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm still here!!

Ya. I got "lost" for a little while. Adjusting to a new schedule and routine threw me for a LOOP, but I think I have finally fallen into a "rhythm". June has been a busy month!

June 4-6th.... Hubby & I went to Panama City Beach for a short weekend. We were invited to stay with friends at their condo that they have there. What a beautiful place it is! And the view was incredible! It is located very close to Pier Park, which was fun. It was wonderful to get to go to the beautiful Gulf Coast before the yucky oil made it not-so-pretty.

The week of June 14-18th... was VBS at our church. My daughters and I were "Crew Leaders" for the week. This meant that we guided (and were in charge of!) a group of 6-8 kids to the various "stations" set up in various rooms. VBS was from 8:45-12:00 each day. By Wednesday, I felt like it had been TEN days instead of only three!! I am still not sure what made it so tiring, but it was! It was also a lot of fun, tho.

Of course, we have still been training our new puppy (Chester) all this time, too! I do believe that he is FINALLY house-trained, tho!! YIPPEEE!!!! He is still not sleeping thru the night, but he is getting better. Instead of waking up between 3 & 4:00am... he is now waking up closer to 5:00am. I can handle that!

On June 15th, we had him neutered. So, not only was I dealing with VBS that week.... I was also dealing with a puppy that had just had surgery! The instructions say... "Do not let him jump, run, or get excited for 7 to 10 days." --- Do you know how HARD it is to keep a puppy from doing those things????? It was pretty near impossible! It's been over a week now, and he seems to be doing fine. I check his "private spot" every day.... (just to make sure nothing's come "undone"!)... and he looks fine.

This week, has been WAY more relaxing! Plus... I have been preparing for VACATION!!!

If you look back to my post on 4/9/10... you will see that Dtr. #2 had come up with a plan for our family to go Universal Studios this summer. Well........ her technique WORKED!! We are leaving tomorrow morning!!! Can I hear another... YIPPEEEEE!!!!! Hubby is not going. He chose not to, but said that we (my girls and I), could go. So, that is what we are doing. Dtr. #2's b/f is going with us, too. It should be a fun trip! I am beyond excited!!!

So..... once again.... you will not hear from me for a few days. But, this time.... I have a good reason!


  1. Busy mommy, you need a vacation. Have fun:)

  2. Thank you!!! Our trip went great! :)



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