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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bucket List #52-54

#52 --- Swim with dolphins --- I know that you can do this at Sea World. I've seen it on TV. Dolphins are such interesting creatures. They seem so sweet, too! How fun would it be to hold onto a dolphin's fin and let it guide you through the water??!! Of course, you might not want to be holding on when it starts jumping out of the water and doing it's amazing tricks!!

#53 --- Spend Christmas at the beach - at least once --- Hubby has mentioned this to me before (a while back!), and I never wanted to do it because I used to think that "Christmas at the beach" wouldn't be like.... Christmas!! In other words... it would'nt "feel" like Christmas. This was also a conversation that we had back when the girls were little, and I didn't want to break away from out traditional "Christmas at home", doing things the same way, every year. But, now that my girls are older... I think it would be a fun thing to do! Instead of snow.. (which we never have at Christmas, anyway!).... we could have WHITE SAND!

#54 --- Visit the Mall of America and have money to spend --- I love to go shopping.... WHEN I HAVE MONEY TO SPEND!! (It's no fun, when you don't!) The Mall of America would be THE place to go, too!! It has FOUR levels!! I have also heard that it's like a THEME PARK! And I love theme parks! Maybe this could be on the list of places that I go to with my girls on one of our "Mother/Daughter Trips"! Hmmmm..... I like that idea!


  1. I want to swim with the dolphins too!- i've always wanted to do it, and we might try to do it next year at Discovery Cove! And, Mall of America is absolutely the shopping place of all places- make sure you give yourself a week! The roller coaster goes all over the food court... pretty neat!

  2. Oh wow! I hope you get to swim the dolphins! I'm sure you will get to do it before I do! Ha! ~ Ya. The Mall of America trip would be the perfect "Girl's Trip" :)



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