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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yesterday Was a Wake Up Call!

Yesterday, I started my day off the same way that I always do. Since it's summer, my alarm clock is not set... so I awoke to the sound of Chester (my 4 mo. old puppy) whining in my bathroom, where we have him blocked in. He usually wakes between 5:00 and 6:00am, which is fine. I like getting up early, thank goodness!

I get up and head to the kitchen so that the pups can have their breakfast. They eat before I do!! Yesterday was different, tho. As I walked past the kitchen counter, I noticed a note that one of my girls left for me. I figured it was a note saying... "Please don't wake me! Let me sleep!" .... or something to that effect, because they had spent the day at Six Flags with our church youth group and didn't get home until midnight. But.... nope! That's not what the note said.

The note said... "The Mason's (our friends) house was robbed yesterday!!" I had to stand there for a moment and process this!! I read it again and let it sink in! OH MY GOSH!! This is terrible! I wanted to wake my girls and find out what they knew, but knew that I better not!! So, I got on Facebook.... of course! It's the best place to gather info on the "happenings" of all your friends! I went to my friends' page. NOTHING! ... Then, I went to her daughter's page. BAM!! There it was..... "my house was broken into while i was gone today. laptop, ipod, camera..all gone." I read thru the comments that she and other's had posted, and learned that it happened during the day while she and her brother were at Six Flags and mom and dad were at work. The thieves broke in thru the back door, after they cut the wires for the alarm system! The thieves stole all the electronic devices and anything else of value. They even used my friends' bedsheets and pillow cases to get the stuff out of the house! -------- Where were the neighbors???? Didn't they see anything weird going on???

I later learned that there were 5 home burglaries in that same area yesterday!  I watched the news to see if they told anything. NOTHING! -- But, they did announce where there would be police roadblocks for license checks!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

THIS was A WAKE UP CALL for my family and I!! We are now frantically thinking about how we can make our home safer and how we can protect our belongings.... and our lives!

I am in the process of taking INVENTORY of everything valuable that we have! Photos and documentation. Hubby wants the girls and I to take lessons on how to shoot a gun, too! I have always been "freaked out" by guns, but I am coming around to the idea that it is necessary to learn to use one in today's world!

We will also no longer "announce" our daily plans, or our vactions on Facebook or any other social networking sites.

Can I move my family to Mayberry?? The only criminal they had to deal with was ERNEST T. BASS and all he really did was throw rocks thru windows!! Then, there was the "moonshiner's", but they were only interested in protecting their "still"!

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