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Monday, July 26, 2010

Bucket List #37-39

#37 --- Visit Nashville again with Hubby, stay downtown and check out the nightlife --- We went, as a family, to Nashville back in April of 2005. We stayed near the Grand Ole Opry, but not downtown. We went to the Grand Ole Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame, The Opryland Hotel, and walked around downtown Nashville... in the daytime. We also took a tour of Country Music Stars homes! That was a blast for the girls and I, but poor Hubby didn't enjoy it so much. His motion sickness got the best of him!! -- NOT GOOD! All in all, it was a great trip... but, I would love to go back with just Hubby and stay in the downtown area and check out the nightlife there, like "Tootsie's"!!! Maybe we'd get lucky and someone famous would just walk in and start singing! I hear that stars do that all the time!

#38 --- Visit Las Vegas and ride the roller coaster on top of the building --- I have always heard so many people say that Las Vegas is an awesome place to visit whether you gamble or not. (We don't!) I want to go not only to check it out and see the sights, but I want to ride the roller coaster that is on top of one of the buildings there! It is on top of the "Stratosphere". I LOVE rollercoasters and I'm not really afraid of hights. So, for me, this would be the ultimate rollercoaster to ride! I've posted two photos here. Check them out!

#39 --- Ride a zip-line across a beautiful countryside --- Like I said before... I am not afraid of heights, so as long as I was strapped in real good... I think this would be a blast!! I want to do it over a beautiful area, tho. Hawaii would be a beautiful place to do it!

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