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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bucket List #13-15

#13 --- Raft down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon --- This would of course be done during my visit to the Grand Canyon - (#12 on my list).

#14 --- Spend a week (or more) in Washington D.C., exploring and learning --- I've been to Washington D.C. a couple of times, but both times were just DAY trips. There is just WAY too much to see and do in D.C. to try and do it all in one day! I would love to have the time to take it slow and really see everything. I have never been to the Capital or The White House, so those are two things that I would want to do for sure. I also really want to go to the Holocaust musuem.

#15 --- Take a road trip to the west coast with no time limit and make stops along the way at
interesting places. --- Of course, this kinda' goes along with my wish to drive Route 66 - (#10 on my list). But, if I were to do this... I would leave from home to do it, so that is a bit different. So, I would drive from Georgia to California (I guess). A convertible for this trip would be fun, too!

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