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Friday, July 30, 2010

Bucket List #49-51

#49 --- Visit Niagara Falls --- My mother-n-law went to Niagra Falls not too long ago, and showed us all of the pictures that she took. The Falls look incredible!! They even light them up at night! I didn't realize until she told us, but there are TWO sets of Falls! One on the U.S. side and one on the Canada side. Maybe if I go to Niagra Falls, I can go to the Canadian side too, and fulfill TWO things on my Bucket List at one time!

#50 --- Hold a baby tiger --- Tigers have always been my favorite "wild" animal. --- Although, I feel like I LIVE with two WILD ANIMALS!! They are such beautiful creatures!! Their babies are so adorable!! I would love to have the chance to hold one and maybe feed it a bottle!

#51 --- Visit the San Diego Zoo --- I have heard that this is the best zoo in the country! Although, I have visited the Washington National Zoo and thought it was really nice.  The closest BIG zoo to me, is The Atlanta Zoo. Growing up in Atlanta, I have been to that zoo many times, but have never been very impressed with it. There is a small zoo in Montgomery Alabama that is VERY nice for it's size. I've taken my girls there a few times. I love animals and would love to have the chance to go to the San Diego Zoo, as well. Maybe I can get to hold a baby tiger, if I go!


  1. The San Diego Zoo is amazing, but if you ever go, maks sure you also visit the San Diego Wild Animal park... even better! It is absolutely amazing and we plan to go back in years to come!! Oh, and if you're up for the drive, the Jaxsonville Zoo is fabulous! We loved it- lots of hands on stuff like feeding the giraffes and you can look the back panther in the eyes with ony a window between you and him!! And, it's very reasonably priced, I think!!

  2. Oh wow! Thanks for the tips! The Jacksonville Zoo sounds like a future trip, too! :)



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