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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bucket List #16-18

#16 --- Ride in a helicopter --- I've ridden in a small plane before (with Hubby as the pilot!), but never in a helicopter. Of course, I would love to take a ride in one and fly over somewhere beautiful like the Grand Canyon, the Hawaiian Islands, or the Caribbean Islands. Now THAT would be cool! But... If I had the chance just to ride in one and fly over some boring area, I wouldn't say "no".

#17 --- Go snorkeling in the Florida Keys --- I've heard that this is one of the best places to snorkel. I've never even been to the Keys! I've snorkeled three other times, but wasn't very good at it. The first time, was in the Bahama's on my Senior Class trip. I had no idea HOW to snorkel and by the time I figured it out, someone in the water screamed that they saw a barracuda and my friend and I ran out of the water and didn't go back in! --- The second time I did it, was in Jamaica when Hubby and I were there for our 5th Wedding Anniversary. Again.... I had no idea what I was doing! The boat took us out quite a-ways away from the shore and I was a little "freaked out" by that! Then, the water was VERY rough! I was scared! I got in the water and tried to snorkel, but couldn't figure out how to do it and also couldn't really see anything. The reef was kinda' deep. I ended up giving up and went back to the boat. --- The next time, was in Florida, when Hubby and I took the girls to swim with the manatee's!! That was a lot of fun! The water was FREEZING!! But, it was much calmer, since we weren't actually out in the ocean. We were in a "bay" area. I did much better with the snorkeling and actually got to see the manatee's! I did a no-no, too! I touched one on his cute little nose!! I loved it!

#18 --- Visit Canada --- I don't know a whole lot about Canada, but from what I've seen in pictures... it looks beautiful! The first time I realized that I would like to go there was when we were at Epcot at Walt Disney World. In the "countries" part of Epcot, you can "visit" Canada. There is a film that they show you (well.... they used to, anyway!) where you feel like you are flying over different parts of the country. I remember thinking how beautiful it was! --- I'm not crazy about the accent that the Canadian's have, but at least I could understand them, if I went!

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