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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bucket List #25-27

I am feeling a little guilty about my Bucket List this morning. There are so many things that I want to do before I "Kick the Bucket", but as you can see.... most of them require the almighty dollar (actually a LOT of them!!!) and we our family doesn't have the kind of money that some of my Bucket List items will need. So, bare with me as I continue sharing my list and know that I DO realize that most of these things WILL require lots of $$, but also know that these things are mostly just things that I dream of doing and I know that most of them will never really happen.

#25 --- See a tornado from a safe distance --- You probably think I'm crazy for wanting to do this!! But... although I am TERRIFIED of them, I also find them fascinating at the same time! I saw on TV just the other night where you can sign up for a vacation to travel with "storm chasers" as they travel around the mid-west chasing tornadoes! It's highly expensive, and you would travel in a van full of strangers for 10 days only stopping when you see a storm. They said that they cover about 600 miles a day!! But.... wouldn't it be neat to get up close and personal with a tornado! WOW! --- As long as I knew that I would be safe, that is!

#26 --- Parasail --- I would love to do this with a friend or family member! My ultimate dream would be to do this somewhere in the caribbean, but hey.... I'll be glad to do it at Panama City Beach, too!

#27 --- Ride in a hot air balloon --- I have wanted to do this for as long as I can remember!! It just looks so peaceful and you would get to see so much from up there! Of course, I would go with an expert! Hot air ballons are so beautiful, too!


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