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Sunday, July 25, 2010

WANTED: Money Tree

I don't know where you find them and I've never seen one, but I know that they MUST exist because so many people seem to have them!! I need one in order to fulfill all of Dtr. #2's wishes and dreams. Every day there is something new that she wants to do or a place that she wants to go! Recently... she has started asking BEGGING to go to London, England! She talks about it ALL the time!! Today.... she found out that she won tickets to the George Lopez show in ..... LOS ANGELES!!! She registered to win the tickets only because her love, ZAC EFRON, is going to be on his show. She didn't really expect to win, but she did! HOORAY for her! -- (I guess)   --- 
*** NOTE: This is the same daughter that gave us the great PRESENTATION about going to Universal Studios in Orlando a few months ago, and... WE WENT!!***

Now, the problem with this situation revolves around two facts:

#1 --- We live in GEORGIA!!! And the cost of plane tickets out to L.A. are about $400 EACH! I wouldn't send her alone, so that bumps the cost for flying up to $800, at least! Then.... there would be other costs such as hotel, food, .... and whatever else. Ok.... So, now we are up to probably $1000, at least!


#2 --- The George Lopez show that she has tickets for is for.... THIS WEDNESDAY!!!!! August 4th!

Somehow.... I don't think that this is going to happen! But, we can't convince her of this! So... back to my original thought....

WANTED: Money Tree --- Slightly used, is fine. But, must be in good condition.

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