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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bucket List #31-33

#31 --- Stay at a ski lodge with a huge picture window and a big fireplace --- This kinda' goes along with #30. But, with this one... I would stay in a big, beautiful ski "lodge". A resort kind of place. (Hubby would be with me, of course!) I would sit next to the big picture window and watch the skiier's come down the mountain. It would be fun and beautiful! ~ Coming up on my list will be "try snow skiing" - something that I've never tried before!

#32 --- Attend another Jimmy Buffet concert --- Yes.... I am a PARROT HEAD!! Hubby and I have been to one (maybe two) of his concerts when we lived in Atlanta and were "younger". It was a BLAST! Since then, I haven't been able to get him to go to another one. Of course, getting tickets is always a hard thing to do because they sell out so quick! But... my philosophy is..... if you don't TRY, then you will never know!!! ~ I had never heard of Jimmy Buffet until I met Hubby and his family. I'm not sure if Hubby was a big fan or if it was his dad that was. I can still hear Hubby's dad singing ---- "Son of a Son of a Sailor".  Sometimes, I really miss my father-n-law.

#33 --- Stay at a Sandals resort again --- Oh, how I would LOVE to do this again!!!! Hubby and I went to the one in Montego Bay, Jamaica. He surprised me on our 5th wedding anniversary, with this trip! Since we never went on a honeymoon, this was going to be our honeymoon! YAY! We had such a wonderful time! I have always wanted to go to one of the "other" Sandals resorts that they have. The one in St. Lucia (below) is the one that I have my eyes on right now! But, hey.... I'd settle for ANY of them! They are all beautiful!!

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