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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bucket List #7-9

#7 --- Spend a week (or more) at Disney World and take my time seeing everything --- I have been to Disney World many times, but have always been "rushed" thru the parks.  I want to go and take my time and see things at my own pace. Maybe have 2 days to explore each of the 4 parks. That would be wonderful!

#8 --- Spend a Christmas in a mountain cabin, as a family --- I have this "picture" in my mind of us (and maybe our extended family, too!) renting a cabin up in the mountains and spending Christmas there. The cabin would have a huge fireplace and we would bring our own Christmas tree. We wouldn't bring any decorations for the tree, but would bring supplies to MAKE our own decorations once we got there. (Guess that means that we would need to arrive a few days before Christmas!) We would have fun playing board games and cards. We would take walks in the woods and maybe even have a campfire outside. We David would cook a yummy meal for Christmas Day! Of course, if it snowed on Christmas Eve, then that would be awesome!!

#9 --- Visit New York City and have plenty of time to see everything --- New York City would be another place that you wouldn't want to be "rushed" to see! (Well, actually.... I wouldn't want to be rushed on any vacation!) I have never been to New York City. I would love to see Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and Ground Zero. I would also love to see at least one Broadway play. I think it would also be fun to visit one of the morning news shows, like Good Morning America.

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